10 Tips from 10 Amazon Experts⎜Crossover Commerce⎜EP 100

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This is a podcast episode titled, 10 Tips from 10 Amazon Experts⎜Crossover Commerce⎜EP 100. The summary for this episode is: <p>SEASON 2 FINALE - Ryan Cramer of Crossover Commerce talks with 10 Amazon experts (and former guests) about 10 tips &amp; insights they have for sellers for the remainder of 2021.</p><p><br></p><p>Guests of Crossover Commerce Episode 100 include:</p><p>👉 Emma Schermer Tamir of Marketing by Emma</p><p>👉 Sharon Even of Amazon FBA Alphas&nbsp;</p><p>👉 Jana Krekic of YLT Translations</p><p>👉 Troy Johnston of Seller.Tools</p><p>👉 Anthony Cofrancesco of PickFu</p><p>👉 Mina Elias of MMA Nutrition</p><p>👉 Melissa Simonson of Empowery</p><p>👉 Sajag Agarwal of Movley</p><p>👉 Destaney Wishon of BetterAMS</p><p>👉 Rob Stanley of AccrueMe&nbsp;</p><p>---</p><p>Crossover Commerce is Presented by PingPong Payments. PingPong transfers more than 150 million dollars a day for eCommerce sellers just like you. Helping over 1 million customers now, PingPong has processed over 90 BILLION dollars in cross-border payments. Save with a PingPong account <a href="https://usa.pingpongx.com/us/index?inviteCode=ccpodcast" rel="noopener noreferrer" target="_blank">today</a>! </p><p>---</p><p><strong>Stay connected with Crossover Commerce and PingPong Payments:</strong></p><p>✅ Crossover Commerce @ <a href="https://www.facebook.com/CrossoverCommerce" rel="noopener noreferrer" target="_blank">https://www.facebook.com/CrossoverCommerce</a></p><p>✅ YouTube @ <a href="https://www.youtube.com/c/PingPongPayments" rel="noopener noreferrer" target="_blank">https://www.youtube.com/c/PingPongPayments</a></p><p>✅ LinkedIn @ <a href="https://www.linkedin.com/company/pingpongglobal/" rel="noopener noreferrer" target="_blank">https://www.linkedin.com/company/pingpongglobal/</a></p>

Ryan: What's up everyone. Welcome to my corner of the internet. I'm your host, Ryan Cramer. And this is Crossover Commerce presented by PingPong Payments, the leading global payments' provider, helping sellers keep more of their hard- earned money. What is up everyone? Episode 100. I'm your host, Ryan Cramer, and welcome to Crossover Commerce presented by me, Ryan Cramer and PingPong Payments of course. This is episode 100. I'm super- excited. I'm shaking right now. It's been a long time coming, but today's episode is titled, 10 Tips from 10 Amazon Experts. And I cannot wait to share this next two hours with everyone here who's tuning in live. Thank you so much. Again, Crossover Commerce is presented by PingPong payments. Got to give a shout out to our sponsors. PingPong payments. PingPong transfers more than$ 150 million a day for eCommerce sellers just like you. Helping over one million customers, now PingPong has processed over$ 90 billion, that's billion with a B everyone in cross- border payments. To start saving money today, you need to sign- up for a free account in the link below. Again, go ahead and check that out it's really easy to do. Just go ahead and sign- up today and tell them Ryan Cramer from Crossover Commerce sent you. Just sign- up free today. You're going to save four to 5% on your international customer payments, sending or receiving. Check it out today, click on that link below. But of course, you're here for the show. Hopefully you're here for this show or someone told you to be here. So I appreciate that. Thanks for tuning in live on Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube and Twitter. And of course, watching us live on all those channels means that you can comment and interact with the show. I love it when people will comment where they're listening from, whether you're across the world in India or China, or you're listening here in the United States. Again, I appreciate everyone who tunes in every single episode or if this is your first time, welcome, you hit a nice episode to come in for your first time. So I appreciate that, but we have an action packed episode for everyone that's listening today. Again, I bring value to Amazon sellers and eBusiness, eBusinesses all around the world every single week. I go live about four to five times per week in order to do that, to bring the best insights, tips, and tricks in the Amazon and eCommerce space, so you don't want to miss a single episode and if you did, well, there's always going to be another one next time or at least I hope that that's the case. I've hit the magical marker of 100 episodes. So I told everyone in my company, now I can be syndicated. So for 20 weeks straight, if you listened to an episode each and every single day for 20 weeks, you wouldn't run out of content. You're going to have another new guest every single time and get more insights in every single time of our episode, I should say. So I'm super- excited to bring on some of my friends in the industry. Again, if you've heard my show before, this is an amazing journey that I've been on. It was started by accident, but it's grown into something where I've been live and been able to share and grow content in the Amazon and eCommerce space of course. And then I get to share my insights as well as the insights of other people who are much smarter than me in this space and share their insights and tips and tricks as well. So I appreciate where this show's grown. Of course, over the past couple months, I should say, I think my first episode was in September. So I'm really excited to kind of see where everyone's at. We're bringing on former guests again. No one will be new to the show. So if you've listened to past episodes, there'll be former guests who I thought brought the most value to every single episode that or to their episode that they shared. So I wanted to make sure we checked in with them, see what's new with them. Again, this episode is going to be action packed in terms of tips, what they learned from the first third of 2021, right? We're already four months in. So it's important to know where sellers are right now and how we can improve moving on for the rest of the year, because there's only so much we can do in terms of planning and prepping, but we want to make sure that everyone's optimized and ready and can still grow, even if it's a celebratory episode, just like this. So you'll see lots of familiar faces. If you know anything about the show, people that you may or may not have heard from, I think that there's some of the best and brightest minds in the space. So that's why I asked them and all of them said, yes, I'm super- excited that they are here today. And again, if you're listening to this on audio format, eventually when this goes out, you can subscribe anywhere, Amazon music, Google podcast, and any of those platforms that you listened to a podcast we're going to be there. Just search Crossover Commerce presented by PingPong Payments and we'll be there. Subscribe, give us a rating, tell us what you think. Season one is out right now. This is end of season two. So we'll start getting those content out as soon as humanly possible. But about our guests today, I typically say, this is not a show just about me, if it were that'd be one hell of a boring episode, but it's about my guests today, plural. So 10 guests, I'm going to be bringing them on and introducing them quickly and efficiently. And as they continue to come on through the space, about every 10 minutes or so, we're going to be bringing them on so that I'm excited to bring each and every single one of them on. Again, just to kind of preface and kind of tease a little bit. We'll have Emma Tamir from Marketing by Emma. We'll have Sharon Even of Amazon FBA Alphas, Jana from YLT Translations. Troy Johnston from Seller. Tools. Anthony Cofrancesco of Pickfu. Mina Elias from MMA Nutrition. Plus a ton of other projects he has going on. I can't wait to check in with Mina. Melissa Simonson from Empowery. We have Sajag Agarwal from Movley. We have Destaney Wishon from BetterAMS. And we also have Rob Stanley who actually started this journey with me co- hosting my first episode with AccrueMe. So he is going to be helping out at the end. I thought it was natural to bring him in last, but that's how we grew this podcast. So I'm super- excited about starting that out today. I'm going to keep it inaudible. If I keep looking away, I promise I'm not ignoring everyone in this space. It's just to keep an eye on the time. So this is different than what I've done in the past 99 episodes. Typically, one or two people that I have in the space one- on- one I can pay attention, but I want to make sure that I get everyone in the right amount of time and make sure we're on track to make this a very clean and awesome episode. But if you like what you hear, go give us a thumbs up. Make sure you subscribe to PingPong Payments on social media. Again, if you're watching on YouTube, Facebook or LinkedIn, give us a thumbs up. You can also follow me on social media on Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn as well. We're going to be teasing episodes as it comes out. Again, this is season two finale. Season three, I don't even get a week off. I have to start season three next week. So again, we're going to be action packed and bringing more content and insights to the space. So if you are here, give us your shout out. Tell us where you're listening from. Tell us what you think. If you want to say hi, even former guests, I would say Lazar thanks so much former guests of the show what's up Lazar? And then, also if you're watching live again, if you have questions for any of our guests that hop on today, this is an interactive show. We'll make sure we throw this up on the screen. As they come in, we'll make sure that we try to get those answered. If you can't catch us live, or you miss somebody in the past, go ahead and submit your questions still and tag our guests, because we want to make sure that you get your answers to your question. So that being said, I'm going to go ahead and get started a little bit early, just because I foresee maybe some time crunch, maybe at the end, but my first guest is already here, so I'm not going to wait around too long. It's Friday after all, we're here to have some fun, but I don't want people working on a Friday. I am, but that's my show. I chose to do this show on a Friday. But with that being said, Crossover Commerce episode 100, let's go ahead and kick it off. Right? So first guest, no introduction. She has a company I'm going to do this all on my top of my head. So she has a company that's her and her husband are just doing great things in the copywriting space and helping build listings, making businesses more profitable, online. And selling through storytelling was our episode that we did together back in season one, so way long ago, but I still have a great, have checked in with them so long. It's been forever ago I feel like since we've had her on as our first live episode on LinkedIn. So I am excited to bring on Emma Tamir of Marketing by Emma. Emma, what is going on? How are you? I got on. You're on mute now. So see that's the beauty of a live show.

Emma: That's me, yeah. So rewind.

Ryan: What's up?

Emma: Congratulations. I feel like you're the only person who somehow manages to achieve 100 episodes in less than one year. That's just-

Ryan: Look at me.

Emma: Madness. Crazy.

Ryan: Look at that, hey, twins.

Emma: crosstalk.

Ryan: This is the direction that my boss gave me today. He goes," Make sure you are in that PingPong T- shirt." And I go," That's a little weird, but all right, I'll do what I can." I'll kit myself out with PingPong, because of course the show wouldn't be possible without them, but they kind of gave me the reins and said," Hey, do with what you want. If you know people, just bring them on, let's create some awesome content." And here we are 100 episodes or 99 episodes later. You were one of the first people I reached out to and I said," Hey, I know you just came on a webinar of ours, but I really liked what you have to say. Do you mind coming on this podcast that doesn't really exist yet?" And you said," Yes," and here we are today. So I'm super- excited that you were one of the first people to say, yes. I feel like you gave me validity in the space, because you're speaking on things like Prosper Show. You're speaking on conferences all around the world. So I felt super- honored and I was super- nervous, my first time talking with you. So here we are today.

Emma: Surely I hope that I never make anybody nervous. That is not my intention. And that's typically, I'm the one that's feeling nervous. So thank you for all of that praise. And I feel a little bashful. At the moment you can't see it probably, because of my lighting, but I believe there's a little bit of a blush happening.

Ryan: Well, hey, that's no problem. Again. I call everyone in friend of the show and we've been texting and messaging each other. You guys have so much going on. Since we last spoke, gosh, I want to say it was back in October of last year. So fast- forward, geez, six months or so since we last spoke face- to- face. What's new with you? What's going on with Marketing by Emma and you? What's new?

Emma: Yeah. So a lot has been going on. I really dug into the backend of our business over the winter time. And so, we completely restructured all of our internal tools for project management that we were using. And so, I've been really geeking out on the backend until probably just a month ago when slowly but surely the spring and summer season of being more front- facing started to pick up. And so, now kind of getting back into the swing of things with speaking and really just trying to make sure that we are doing everything that we can to stay, not just on top of the curve, but really ahead of the curve when it comes to what it takes to create outstanding copy, that's going to help businesses achieve their goals.

Ryan: That's amazing. I mean, you guys are, you and your husband are just rocking her right now and you've guys have grown your team since we last talked back in October, you guys are expanding both hiring people, copywriters, but also just the business itself, you're getting more clients on. What's that been like just kind of like scale?

Emma: Stressful and challenging. In some ways people are our inventory, right? So with a product- based business, you have to order and manufacture the product and make sure it's all up to spec. And for us, we have to recruit and hire and train really talented people so that we can deliver that quality work. And what is interesting is that I think whenever anybody comes onto the team, they on the surface think that what we're doing is really simple. You're just like," Oh yeah, product page. That's not much." And then when they dig into our, the first stage of our training, which is just the basics of writing an Amazon listing, not even A- plus content or keyword research or anything that, just writing title, bullets and description, it's over 65 pages long. And that's just-

Ryan: I dread writing an email, Emma, and you're talking about writing 65 pages of content. My God. I don't know how you guys do it. And that's kind of the beauty of this is you guys specialize in this one area, but it takes so much dedication, but it pays off, right? Because you're telling that brand story. You're telling that through the way of building a brand in that capacity, that's a unique, different way to sell online. And that's what you and your team are great at. And that's why perhaps you guys are... Every listing 65 pages, are you kidding me?

Emma: So that's no. So that's the training manual just for learning how to write a basic listing. So that's just kind of the groundwork, foundation before you even dive into anything else. And I think it's one of those things that while it seems simple, there's so many layers that have to be working simultaneously that an effective listing is far more complicated than when it looks like on the surface, and I think in some ways they say the most effective writing is the writing that can say exactly what it needs to with as few words as possible. So it's not about using the most complicated language or writing really flowery text. It's about being able to communicate your message precisely, concisely. And that's going to have way more power than a bunch of extra filler words. But to be able to do that while also managing to do what you need to do on an SEO level, what you need to do to appease Amazon with all the other rules that they have, and then still make that impactful is no small feat.

Ryan: Precisely and concisely. Man, we could write poetry on the show. You're still get the words in.

Emma: I'm not signing up for poetry. I am not a poet.

Ryan: We're not going to go into slam poetry by any means on this show. But so with that being said, you said, you always are keeping up with what Amazon's starting out. And it feels like every week we get something new. What's something that you guys have, has been thrown on your plate that people need to be aware of that either rolled out the beginning of this year and that you need to apply moving forward with any listings or any other content that they should just be aware of?

Emma: I think one of the main things that we're seeing is that Amazon just keeps churning out the new privileges that are available to sellers that are brand- registered. And so, I believe we even spoke about this back in October, but even since then they have amped up the game and I imagine that as the year progresses, it will only grow even more. And I think that's really for a number of reasons. One is it's in a way, and this is really more of a guess than anything else, but I think it's a way of incentivizing brands to invest in the branding piece, because that wasn't necessarily something that you had to do to be successful on Amazon in the early days. And so there's a little bit of re- educating that needs to happen. But Amazon also understands that if it's going to continue to be able to maintain its dominance in the eCommerce space, that they need to have legitimate brands that are helping bring trust and credibility and reliability to their platform. And also that being able to attract outside traffic from other places. And so, it's not just a matter of, kind of," Oh, this is nice and makes your page look a little bit better by having some A- plus content." But really this is giving you an opportunity, if you're a select few, to be able to communicate directly with your customers. There's all these other types of advertising, that's only available to a registered brands. A- plus content continues to improve. There's just so many things that I think we're really only seeing the tip of the iceberg and it will continue to be more and more important that you are a registered brand and that you're figuring out these pieces both from the Amazon side and then also just from the incredible adoption of selling on Amazon, and so, the way that the market is flooded and using those different tools, to be able to really differentiate yourself and stand out from many competitors that might be selling very, very similar products.

Ryan: So are you guys going to stay true to Amazon or are you guys going to start diversifying on other marketplaces or other Amazon countries? What's kind of the plan for the rest of the year for you guys?

Emma: So we are, while we typically speak more about our Amazon services, we've always offered other types of copy services, primarily what we sort of consider to be the foundational texts that a business needs to be able to effectively communicate with their dream customers. So talking about website, copy, brand story, those core texts are not necessarily going to change a lot over time. So whether you're looking to really strengthen your Shopify store, or you want to make a more impressive packaging, perhaps, because you're even looking to get into brick and mortar, then those are definitely the types of things that we love to work on.

Ryan: That's I mean, of course everyone wants to diversify continue to grow and whatnot. Maybe on a personal level. Are you guys going to be traveling anytime soon? I know a lot of people are talking about events coming up. I know the biggest one right now is Prosper in July. You guys going to start venturing out into the world again, or where are we going to see each other in person? That's that's the key.

Emma: Yeah. That is the key. I don't know about you. I feel like you're probably just full- on excited. I'm a little anxious about it.

Ryan: Anxious. This space, anxious, not excited. Getting on a plane provides a little anxiety. Going outside of my house, which if anyone sees me, I'm stuck here. Not stuck here. I live here, but yeah, a little anxious. Even I went to a wedding last week and my sister's wedding. That was the first time we went out to a restaurant in the year and plus just to say it in public, but it is what it is. We all have to get out into the world again at some point. We're just going to have to break the ice.

Emma: I already consider myself to be a socially awkward person. So when that gets unleashed, after a year of having very limited face-to-face contact, I don't know what it's going to be like, but I am going to a small little women's retreat mastermind event that's happening in Miami in May. And then, I will definitely be at Prosper and still trying to figure out what the rest of the summer looks like. What about you? Do you have any other events in the cooker?

Ryan: Oh, geez. My wife and I convinced each other that go into a cabin in the middle of nowhere with no internet service was good in the end of July. So I'll be doing that for a vacation.

Emma: That's awesome.

Ryan: I'm going to get away for a week. So I will break my streak of every week, probably at some point of being online, but hey, it is what it is. So that would be nice. The kiddo has summer camp coming up, which again, that stuff is fine by me. He's outside and they're all running around, he has baseball, but I've looked at all the events and I know Prosper is the one week that he doesn't have summer camp and my wife works full- time so I don't think I can make it to that, but we're definitely honing on a couple of dates I think I'll have to make the trip and meet my team in person for the first time ever.

Emma: Maybe I just need to all take off Prosper week and go take a family vacation in Las Vegas.

Ryan: Yeah. I don't know if I can convince my wife and take our six- year- old to Vegas for the first time, but that'd be an interesting first vacation post- COVID first year. Yeah. And after that secluded ourselves in a cabin. But hey, thanks so much for hopping on today. I know it's only 10 minutes. We'll have to get a full mastermind session again. I appreciate you hopping on again at the drop of a hat. You were the first person to say like," Hey, when can I do it?" So I appreciate you guys. Good luck with, again, congrats on the success. And we'll see each other in person I'm assuming soon.

Emma: I'm sure we will. Thank you so much Ryan and congratulations.

Ryan: Thank you so much. Thanks Emma. Again from Marketing by Emma. Awesome stuff. Again, if go check out, just search Marketing by Emma on Google. Again, that's the easiest way to find her and her services. Emma is talking all over the internet and we want to make sure that we appreciate her time popping on and being one of our first guests back in season one. Another guest from season one is already here, and she's been listening in the background and I wanted to get her in an early, because it's super- late where she's at all the way in Israel. So I wanted to hop on real quick. One of my favorite talks, just constantly bringing the force and the power and the empowerment in just straight knowledge in the Amazon eCommerce space. Sharon Even of Amazon FBA Alphas is one of my favorite people to talk to you just all the time and picking her brain about what's going on in the space. So Sharon, welcome to Crossover Commerce. How are you?

Sharon: Hey, I'm good. How are you?

Ryan: I don't know how to give you more of a hi than that. You're just one of my favorite people in the space. So, what's new?

Sharon: crosstalk. You did great. What's up? First of all, it's not super- late. It's just that it's date night. It's Friday night in Israel.

Ryan: I know. Well, I keep thinking about that.

Sharon: I'm in my pajamas and stuff. So like," Should I do it, make sure that I'm super- pretty and stuff?" I was like," Nah."

Ryan: You know it's me. You and I have a conversation. We're like," We don't give a shit." It's good, we're good to go.

Sharon: I really inaudible. I just care about the content and making sure that I'm giving out good stuff. But I was sitting here laughing in the background, because Emma makes me laugh so much, especially when she's says she's socially awkward. She says it about herself all the time, but she's so funny and such a social person.

Ryan: I know. And that's well, that's the thing, I don't know what it is, is maybe it's speaking in public or doing stuff like this, because for people who even aren't aware, they should be of course, you actually started a podcast since we last spoke on this show. You're taking over Seller Sessions from, with Danny McMillan's Thursdays. And so, you have one day a week where you're just bringing in the power and the content all over the internet. So congrats to you on that, that's awesome.

Sharon: Thanks. So yeah, I joined Seller Sessions, which is founded by Danny McMillan. And so, yeah. I have to say it's not easy. I understand. I don't know how you do so many fricking podcasts without talking about the same stuff all the time. And you always bring on great people, different content. It's tough, man. It's tough.

Ryan: It's tough.

Sharon: It's tough looking for something, think about stuff. Thank God. I'm an actual seller too. So I can always think of things that we really need to speak about. But man, you've got to consistently mingle with people. I'm not really-

Ryan: I just take after the man, the myth, the legend Danny, because he did 600 this past year, he was consistently for so many episodes. I was like," How do you do it man? That's amazing." So shout out to Danny. Yeah. He's always telling me, he's like," I'll have you on when you have tips and tricks and stuff like that," then they go," I need to think about," because that's very specific how I want to position and I don't want to mess it up with Danny, because me speaking on other people's shows, I want to be, perfect. But then my show I'm like,"I don't give a shit." Nice to be here on my show.

Sharon: Danny's just your hardcore content. It's content, content, content, which is, that's probably why, but yeah.

Ryan: But yeah. You're doing the show. You're crushing out still on YouTube. You're still mentoring people like a bad- ass. You're still selling. What's been new since we last talked with gosh, back in November, October last year? Since you've been on Crossover Commerce, what's been new for you and what's been going on?

Sharon: I'm trying to think what's being new? I mean, life is more or less-

Ryan: crosstalk Christmas. I mean, your holiday's happened.

Sharon: Life is more or less the same. Are still kicking ass on Amazon, still mentoring, still doing. The biggest thing that's happened is that I've joined Seller Sessions and now have this one more thing that I need to take care of. And it's more about finding balance and prioritizing. I think the biggest thing that I've been working on is productivity. And I live in Israel and my clients and even obviously, we sell mostly in the U.S.. It's all, when you guys are hardcore buying or talking or doing stuff, I'm usually asleep. So I usually don't go to sleep until 4: 00 AM.

Ryan: I don't know when you sleep. I swear to God, you've been online, and at anytime I look at it, like two in the morning, or, and when I wake up, you never sleep, I don't think.

Sharon: So, I've been working on it. I've been working on trying to go to sleep no later than 2: 00 AM and then waking up earlier. And I've just found myself to be a lot more productive and being able to get more stuff done. So, that's something that I've been working on. We're working on a new brand right now. We've been working on this new brand for a while, but we came into some compliance issues or had to make some last minute changes. So I'm excited to launch some new products that are not within the niches that I have been in myself. We're in beauty and in baby and totally different niche from what I'm used to for my own stuff.

Ryan: So what's that been like to push the envelope? Because I know you're always constantly trying to do something different in this space. What's that been like personally, professionally? You want to put your head through a wall? What's that been like?

Sharon: What do you mean? What being like? I don't understand-

Ryan: So if you're launching a new product, you said it's a little bit outside of what you currently do. Did I hear you correctly?

Sharon: Yeah. Here's the thing. I don't think that anyone, and this isn't me inaudible myself for anything, but the thing is, because I don't have a course and it's why I actually do one- on- one coaching. I've coached in a matter of two years, 700 different sellers from different levels. And so, I've been exposed through a whole bunch of niches outside of, because when you sell on Amazon, you live in your bubble and people forget that. Just because you have the specific strategy that has worked for you, in the beauty niche, doesn't mean if tomorrow you launch a super- niche product in I don't know, in the decor niche that your strategies are going to work there too. And the thing is that we as sellers live in our bubble, because that's all we know. So, even in my YouTube channel, the content's changed, because I learned even more in getting outside of my bubble, right? So on the one hand I'm exposed to heaps and heaps and heaps and heaps and heaps of niches. On the other hand, the niche that we're now getting into, which I found like by mistake, I've obviously never coached anyone in that niche and or anything like that. It's like something totally new, but I am like the perfect buyer avatar. I don't know how I didn't find that niche earlier. So, it's been really fun, but we had a few issues along the way, but it's being exciting at the same time.

Ryan: That's awesome. So when are you going to stop saying no to different things? That's my question to you is-

Sharon: I have been saying no. I've been saying no to speaking gigs. I have this as someone in the industry that is not just a seller, but on podcasts and stuff. I had this aha moment. I think I told you about it in the clubhouse where I want to take a step back from over- mingling. This industry's tough when it comes to so many people that think they know it all and egos and things like this. And I'm talking about the service providers side of things. And I decided to take a step back from all the mingling. I said," You have too many people in one room, all giving their strategies and the poor people listening to us like which one do you listen to type of situation?" And some things that I didn't really align with. So I've also, I sort of said to myself, I'm really just going to be focusing on my impact and my content. And I've said no to speaking gigs, I'm very, very specific about who I choose and how I... Like I said, I've been working a lot on my productivity. So obviously, you were like," Hey, can you come on?" And I was like," Yeah, I'll make it work."

Ryan: I know this time I had people on the other side of the world that I know are sleeping right now. And I was trying to think, I was like," I really want her to come on. I don't know if she'll say yes," but I gave you the benefit of the doubt. And lo and behold, you're like," I'll make it work Ryan." I'm ruining date night, it is what it is. You're in your PJ's.

Sharon: Ah, no. It's all good.

Ryan: It sounds amazing right now, I'm going to do that. I'm just going to lounge around in my PJ's all day or at night and just like take it in and relax.

Sharon: It's dangerous.

Ryan: I know.

Sharon: The one thing about working from home, which I've been doing for many years, it's dangerous because you can eat a lot when you're wearing your PJs, because they're comfortable. And I've put a lot of weight on that in the last year that now I'm working really hard to try and get off. So I don't encourage to be in your PJ's all day, just because it's too comfortable. At some stage you should put on some sports clothes and some sports shoes and crosstalk.

Ryan: Yeah. Go workout a little bit, run around, walk around the house and outside a little bit. But hey, I know I said, I'm only keep you on 10 minutes. I could talk to you forever, but-

Sharon: I know. Thank you.

Ryan: Thank you so much for just taking a little bit of time today, just to hop on. I appreciate you and all that you do. So again, thank you so much. Again, tune in Thursdays on Seller Sessions. If you guys aren't already, make sure you follow Sharon on her YouTube channel, but also on social media, all the great content she's pumped out there too. So thank you so much for hopping on.

Sharon: Thanks Ryan.

Ryan: Yeah. Have a good one.

Sharon: Bye. Thank you.

Ryan: Bye. I'll talk to you later. Awesome. Thank you Sharon from Amazon FBA Alphas for hopping on. She gave up her date night guys just because I asked her and that's kind of the beauty with this community. I've asked a lot of people just to hop on. If they don't know me, a lot of I'll give you this stat real quickly of all the 90- plus guests that I've had on this show. I've only met one of them in- person. So that's the beauty of this community is everyone's willing to say yes, even if we'd never met before a podcast episode. I really think I'm good at social listening and be able to absorb what they put out there in the world, whether it's on YouTube or whether it's on social media or just like the blog content or service industries. That's the beauty of being in this group of people to build a partnership, build a network. And a lot of people are willing to say yes to lend their insights, especially to the community. And it's not for pay reasons. It's definitely for making sure they can give back so other people can grow with it. And again, they can help you along that way, whether that's their service or their expertise, that is what it's all about. I'm going to try to catch right back up. I have my next guest already. She has been amazing and being featured on Ad World, I think she was featured on AMC recently on a special, that was recently that went out, because people are noticing that globalization in growing on international marketplaces is super- important. And that's what my number one thing to push is on the show is growing internationally in different marketplaces. This person knows what she's talking about and it is the best person in this space inaudible what she does, no one else can do it better than Jana. So Jana from YLT Translations, welcome to Crossover Commerce. What's up?

Jana: Hi Ryan. What's up? Thank you so much for that amazing intro. It sounds good.

Ryan: Hey, well, you guys are, you are everywhere, but YLT's everywhere and if you're talking international growth, you guys are the number one top priority of everyone's, it comes out of their mouth. They're like," Yeah, YLT. We use you guys for everything." If it's international listings or translations or anything like that, you guys are the place to go. So I had to get you on for this because I'm a super, just impressed by what you guys are pumping out. And your story was super- fascinating when people remember, if they listen to this show, you had to knock on so many people's doors, just to give you a chance to kind of give you a platform. And we talked about Orange Klik back then.

Ryan: Hence, to give you a platform and we talked about Orange Klik back then, and then it snowballs. What's been new? What's up with you besides you taking over the world one TV show at a time or a podcasts at a time.

Yana Welinder: Yeah. Well, we have a really big team now, there are 60 people on the team, so there's always something to do there. Improve your procedures or do additional trainings, keep an eye on everything. We're definitely working a lot inside of the structure of the employees in the company. Making them happy and just constantly improving quality, having regular trainings. A lot of people... Our seniors have been with us for almost three years now, and sometimes seniors... They need to get refreshed with what they're doing, because people tend to relax a little bit and then you're like," Hello-

Ryan: Let's call it what it is. They get lazy doing the same stuff.

Yana Welinder: Yeah, exactly. So, going to try to push things around a little bit. So that's always very, very challenging and exciting, and I'm super happy that I can work'on my business', not'in my business', which is super, super important. And that's it basically. We added more translators crosstalk.

Ryan: That's it, that's all we're doing.

Yana Welinder: I can tell how to do it now, but like two years ago, I was like," How do people do this? How is this possible?" I'm never going to be featured in any of the website. I'm not on TV or anything like that. I still don't believe, honestly, that happened. But everything is possible and I am not even American. So pursue their dreams and just do whatever you want to do and don't give up and yeah. Hard work pays off definitely, and learn how to delegate. You have to delegate.

Ryan: Exactly. I think that's the one key I've learned in... Sorry if I cut you off. Delegating is super key for scaling, right? You want to take your business to the next level, you can't do it all yourself. So that's something that I know I'm internally focusing on, is asking people for help. And I don't think a lot of people want to do that or can do that. So, that's a great tip. What have you learned from the first, I don't know what four months of the year, so far, we're already a third of the way to 2021. Since we last spoke, we know a lot of people are focused on international growth. What are you guys seeing from IoT's perspective? What does the next part of the year look like for you?

Yana Welinder: Right. So let me just answer the question about what has had the impact when it comes to listenings and stuff. So I was listening to it to Emma and she mentioned Amazon pushing sellers to do brand registry, to push A- plus content. And that is why, for instance, in June, in the UK, HTML code used for the product description is getting canceled. So it will not be able to have a nicely within product description. It's just going to have a notepad written text style. And that's why Amazon is like," We're going to take away the product description you can have, so we can push you into doing the A- plus content more." So that's something which I think is very important that people are going more and more into brand registry. And a second thing, which is very important when it comes to international marketplaces, is that now you have to have different languages on your packaging. If you're selling products in France, it has to have French on your packaging. You cannot ship the product, which is only going to have English content on the packaging. So that's something which is very, very important. That rule has always been there. But Amazon, this year, they've just started demanding that you have to have a language on the packaging in order for this product to be shipped. And third thing is that right now, I don't know if that's going to change or not, but it looks like Amazon has canceled all global reviews of your products that you can have. Which means that you now can only see local reviews. So, if you sell in Germany, you're only going to see Germany reviews. And I think it's a really bad idea what they're doing, because that's just going to... People are just going to go back to the black hat techniques when it comes to getting more and more reviews and stuff like that. So I thought that was very helpful when they united all global reviews, visible under each product. But unfortunately, a lot of our clients, they're left without thousands of reviews overnight. So I don't know what's going to happen with that, but that will make a big impact on... Especially if you launch a new product in a new marketplace where you don't have any reviews it's very, very hard to get those first couple of good reviews.

Ryan: Yeah. And I wish we had more time to like dive into that, because I agree if it's only going based upon region, it's not going on country by country. Right. It's actually like market by market or what's the basis?

Yana Welinder: Yeah. It's market by market. If you sell it on amazon. de, you're going to see just reviews that the German customers left. You're not going to see any of the ones in the UK or one of the other countries, like in the'States or nothing. You're just going to see the local reviews and that's it. Which means that if you start selling in Italy, you will have to build your reviews with your score from scratch, and that sucks.

Ryan: Oh my God. Of course that's not something that anyone wants to reinvest in their time, money and effort. I guess it's good for you guys. But that for other brands... That's a lot of work to have to build up equity, in this space. Oh my gosh. Well, we need to get you back on to talk more about that in greater depth. But, for the rest of the year, are you traveling? Are you speaking to anything we need to know about coming up, to dive into your insights?

Yana Welinder: Yes. I'm traveling, I'm speaking. I cannot wait to speak at a proper stage in front of a real audience. And I'm super excited-

Ryan: Real people.

Yana Welinder: Yes, real people. See you in person and tons of other people. I haven't seen anyone. I have seen people cause I've been in the States a couple of times during last year.

Ryan: I messaged you when you and you were in Miami and I was like," What are you doing?" I swear to God, this is the one thing I'll give it. Everyone goes to Miami. I don't know what it is, if that's the only open, I say state. It's only open-

Yana Welinder: I literally don't need a PCR test in order to go to Florida.

Ryan: Troy is coming going up next from Seller Tools, and I'm going to ask him, cause he's in Florida. And I'm going to try and figure it out. I know you're watching Troy right there.

Yana Welinder: Everything is open and you can go out. I went to a space club, when I was there last time. I freaked out because of all those people, but then after having two shots of whiskey, I was just like," Yes!"

Ryan: We're back. Let's go. The number one cure for COVID 19, right? That's not true everyone. And again crosstalk. Yeah, exactly. That's awesome. So, you're speaking then? Okay.

Yana Welinder: Yeah, at the Prosper Show, this year, and I'm super excited about it.

Ryan: Awesome. We'll make sure we see you there. And if it's not me, we're going to find an event this year that I'll be at, that we all obviously connect. I've always told people, real quickly before I let you go, I hope it's not a let down if we haven't met in person and then we run across like," Hey, what's up?" And everyone is like," My God".

Yana Welinder: I will actually be in Miami in the same little retreat as Emma in, I think, in two weeks. So, if you are around, let's grab some coffee or something, that'll be cool. Just to see people in person and just get out, to understand that you are a real person, not like crosstalk.

Ryan: Exactly. Well, we're going to look forward to that. Hey, congrats on all the success and promotion for IoT and growth, and we'll catch you next time, Yana.

Yana Welinder: Take care.

Ryan: No problem. Bye. Awesome. Yana, from my IoT everyone. Again, that was guest number three. We're moving right along into our 100th episode. If you're listening or watching to this, let us know what you think. I would just want to give a couple quick shout outs before we bring on our next guest. Other past guests on the show have actually tuned in. Paul Barron from Facebook." Hey, what's up everyone." Hey Paul, thanks for tuning in. Blake from Canopy Management. Again, keep up the great work. And obviously Sharon already called back on Holler. But yeah, No Limit Creatives. That is our good friends over there at No Limit Creatives, episode 100. Thank you so much, Jeff and everyone over there. So don't worry. We're bringing more and more guests on. Every 10 minutes, I'm going to try to cycle through and make sure people bring on tips and tricks that we've seen in the first half of this year. Again, if you're new or just tuning in my name is Ryan Cramer, with Crossover Commerce. This is my show that we've now just hit the triple digit mark, which is a big thing in this space. Not many great shows, make it to 100 episodes on TV, even podcasts. But we did it. I don't know how I did it, but I'm lucky to have people in the space who are willing to even just hop on just for a little bit, so I can pick their brain and share information with you, the listeners, as well.'Sup Jeff. Sorry. Jeff here. So he's watching it on YouTube as well. But our next guest, let's move it right along. Our next guest was actually the most recent one of the 10 people that I've had on our podcast. Troy Johnston of Seller Tools. ManyChat expert, great software service tools over a Seller Tools. But he... Just doing great things down there at Seller Tools. So much going on, but there's been changes, maybe since we last spoke, that we can pick his brain on. So Troy from Seller Tools. What's up, man? How are you? You're on mute now. There we go. Here we go. crosstalk. Doing good, man. Doing good. I'm digging the shirt. Yeah, it's awesome.

Troy Johnston: It's something special for your a 100th episode. inaudible.

Ryan: That is amazing. I am digging the Hawaiian shirt or if you call it tropical shirt, I don't know what you call it down in Florida. Hawaiian shirts in Hawaii, right? But thanks for hopping on today. Everyone I messaged... This is the funny thing. People are like," Yeah, no problem. I'll hop on." Or they're like," I'm doing nothing today. Don't bother me." And I was like," Hopefully I didn't bother anyone or prompt people to come on if they didn't feel like they had to." But I appreciate you hopping on again with us for this awesome episode. What's going on since we last chatted?

Troy Johnston: Nothing. No. It's Amazon being Amazon. There has been... I think it was about a month ago, and when we had our last chat on your podcast, we were talking about more data going away for sellers-

Ryan: It was that day.

Troy Johnston: Yeah. It was like the day of it happened. So there was a pretty solid scramble in the community to figure out, for those that were utilizing it, what alternatives were viable? What the writing on the wall was. Which I mean, we know, right? Amazon for the most part really is very selective with the data they give us, and it's'they giveth and taketh away'. It's been really interesting to see. In that time, I'm pretty sure sponsored display ads and some of the audience availability has been a new update in that span of time. So we have-

Ryan: DSP. Yeah.

Troy Johnston: We have data going away. We've got audiences coming in, where the value of brand registry right now, it's almost essential. And we see still see sellers, maybe either putting it off or not prioritizing it. But Amazon is really creating what you would expect, right, from us. A buyer side and the customer side. You have the legitimacy of brands on market, in marketplace, and they're getting unique value to be able to deliver relevant ads, to welcome more traffic, to earn those conversions and that revenue. So, it's been really interesting. Even in that span of time, some data going away, some data showing up.

Ryan: Well, that's the thing. With DSP it's been super fascinating. We've had a couple of people on. inaudible. We've had a couple of people just really dive into DSP and that's been the fascinating thing is, even Amazon given the opportunity to potentially even putting people away from purchasing on Amazon, but collecting data to be super micro- niche in that regards. Even I was reading an article the other day, Apple now making the play, when we were talking about either dropping cookies or Google scaling back with data, the cookies that they're going to be dropping for tracking. Facebook is scaling back a little bit. Apple is leaning in a little bit more and saying," Hey, we're going to..." The services in the ad network that they're putting on their phones, they're not letting people track that capability, but it has to only go through their Apple phone network. Which again, every major corporation is going to start leaning into their services and not allow other ones to start tracking and applying data trackable resources and whatnot. So it's interesting to see how the dynamic is still growing in the space of how are we going to track and continue to retarget people. So I don't know, man. It's always constantly shifting. I don't know how you guys are doing it over there, with your tool sets and whatnot. But even ManyChat is changing a little bit, right? Facebook and them are not playing well. What was the latest update on that?

Troy Johnston: Yeah. You talk about Amazon changing, Facebook changing, ManyChat having to change, thanks to Facebook. It's a massive time of change right now. ManyChat, on the messenger specific side, because keep in mind, we can email, we can SMS and then messenger is our third component, but it's the one that gets the most attention. We are, as sellers, moving as far away from that piece as we can in our ManyChat flows in our communication with customers. There is a silver lining here, because it creates a tougher environment for sellers. But for those that take the right steps, they're in rarefied air. They can remove themselves from the competition, because they can still engage with customers, support them, drive some of those Amazon specific objectives. But that's what we're mostly looking at is how can we still use chat- marketing automation and tie in SMS, and tie in email, and tie in TOS friendly features and tools to be able to still deliver on what we aim to achieve. And the beauty of a platform like ManyChat or insert your preferred method of external traffic and customer ownership, is that we get more of that customer data. Where, like I said, it's creating this unique... If you view it as an opportunity, that's the other part of it, is it's all in perspective, right? Some people will be just like," Oh, this really stinks." We're getting audience and we're getting clusters and customer segments, and that's somewhat helpful, but it's not as great as knowing your customer's name and sending personalized messaging and growing a relationship and building loyalty, all the things that we want, if we truly want that brand equity.

Ryan: Right. So in the next year, with not knowing how people are going to ebb and flow, just doing everything we can to really tie into the audience. Build that loyalty, build that share of audience in that regards too. I was trying to think. I know we only have 10 minutes. Again, every episode I'm like," Aah." Or a person, 10 minutes is not enough because everyone knows the show. I always talk an hour and get to talk more with all y'all. But with that being said, that's a great teaser. So the tip would be to obviously utilize what is available to you as U. S compliant. Making sure that you're using tools like Seller Tools, ManyChat to obviously talk to people effectively and within those guidelines. Anything new you guys are working on, that you can share with us or are you guys going to be speaking or are you going to be speaking at any events in person? You're all in Florida, because you've been open forever.

Troy Johnston: Yeah. I know. We're the oddballs, which usually is a bad thing. Florida man and all. But no, we are pretty open. So that part is next. We have a lot of choice and a lot of freedom, so definitely take advantage of that. But yeah, I'm excited to get back out there. Nothing on the agenda right now in terms of formal speaking or events, but yeah, I want to make that happen. For us at Seller Tools, we've got some pretty busy months ahead for sure. But a lot of what we're focusing on is the things that we're talking about. How do you engage with the customer focused on those Amazon objectives? And if you remain pretty agnostic in terms of your strategy, that would be probably my biggest takeaways, really figuring out where your area of expertise is as a seller and as a brand. With these new ad types reporting audience segmentation, you're going to have some really amazing... Mina's going to come on, you've got Destiny coming on, you have these subject matter experts. And I think for sellers now is really the time to plant your flag and say," This is what my brand is best at." I have a really great strong depth of knowledge and understanding. And you address this landscape where some sellers are looking at audiences. Other's are still using chat marketing, there's there's not a, I would say superior method, it's all in the execution. And so for a brand it's what are you the best at that, that you can speak with confidence. Because, it's a tough hill to climb when you're just good at a few things, and maybe a Jack of all trades is a brand. But you know, that depth of knowledge, that expertise, it's a good time to be really great. Because this is still the best sandbox. E- commerce, Amazon inaudible in the room. You're in the right space. It's just now'go deep', really make sure you've got a firm grasp on it.

Ryan: Yeah. We're going to see that barrier to entry elevate, but then you're going to see the people who do it right really start to separate themselves from the rest of people that aren't successful in that regard. So it's going to be interesting to see the rest of this year, for sure. We'll have to have you on a full episode again. I would talk forever with you guys. That's why, each of you 10, I'm like," God." Why aren't we talking more? But anyways, I need him keep it moving and keep the train going. But Hey, thanks for hopping on again on a Friday. I appreciate your time. Thanks for the awesome shirt choice today. Enjoy the weekend, man. We'll catch you on the next time, here on-

Troy Johnston: Sounds good. Thanks, Ryan.

Ryan: Yep. No problem. Again, Troy Johnston, Seller Tools. Thanks for hopping on again. We're only four guests in, guys. I have six more amazing people in the space who are going to be hopping on. Talking about what they learned in the first four months of 2021. Again, we talked about this, right? Let's get, real quick, before I bring on our next guest. If Anthony's cool to hang on real quick. We talked about a lot of people, I kept hearing 2021's the new year. Everything's neat, fresh, and everything's going to be back to normal. It's not the case for everything. We talked about it yesterday, about supply chain logistics. We talked about just shipping in general. Shortages of goods, shortages of just people in terms of being able to... Amazon keeps changing their inventory levels. They keep changing capacities of what she can put into their FBA warehouses. All of this stuff is constantly changing. That's why it's important to tune into episodes like this one, to know what the experts in the fields are seeing so that you can apply this to future episodes. And again, I wouldn't be able to do this without my network of people. That's why I want to showcase, especially on episode 100. Hopefully Anthony hops back on here, I saw him disappear. But I'll keep talking until he hops back on. It's something super important, before I bring him back on, that we are constantly learning and evolving, right? No one in the space knows everything about a specific topic or just to take it to the next level. Us at Ping- Pong, we're really good at crossover payments, saving people money and also sending and receiving funds. We have the expertise to tap into, but we rely our partnership network to be able to... If there's a problem in one space, we're going to be able to refer them to other people in the space who can do copywriting, who can do AB testing, who can do inaudible, who can do translations. That's what our partnership network, and what I at the show, tap into. It's going to be an unbiased ecosystem where if you bring the top knowledge that you can in the space and have brought great expertise, I'm going to have you on the show so that I can share it with you, the audience members. And again, we're live on Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Twitter right now. But you can rewatch this later on our YouTube channel. Just subscribe to our channels as well. And before I bring Anthony on, I know he just got back on... Just if you have anything to say or just want to know that you're listening." What's up, Ronna?" Yeah, he said collaboration is so critical and I appreciate it. Ron and Ron's a great mastermind group on Clubhouse. So, want to give him a shout out? You should definitely join that mastermind group. If you're on Clubhouse, make sure. It's every other Friday, so this is why I strategically did it Ronna. We're not doing it this Friday, but we're doing it next Friday. So tune in to Clubhouse every Friday. I think it was like one o'clock Eastern around that time, or three o'clock Eastern. I think it is. But yeah, thanks for tuning in, Ronna. Without further ado, next guest. From PickFu, Anthony was one of... Probably my third guest on, I want to say he was my third guest on. We did a part one and part two about PickFu and AB testing. They've been doing so many cool things and projects ever since he hopped on back in early September, I want to say early October. But there's just been so much content that they've been pumping out, really cool projects in the space. But I want to bring on to the show. What he's been doing, cause he's traveling the world as well, working remotely. So, I wanted to make sure I brought him back to the show as one of our O. G friends of the show. Anthony Confrancesco of PickFu. What's up, man? How are you?

Anthony Confrancesco: Hey, Ryan. What's going on? Congrats on the hundredth episode. That's a lot.

Ryan: I know. I keep telling myself like," God, what have I been doing for a couple months?" I had to do this definition; what does a hundred mean in terms of TV or radio or whatever it is? And not many people can do that. It's consistency, and it's just being able... I give it to the people in the space who are willing to say yes. Because without you guys, I want to be able to have a show to talk about. I just feel like I've leveled up my experience and knowledge and expertise since just starting out this show. But you know, I've been collaborating and communicating ever since we hopped off the episode. But what's been new with you, man? You're traveling the world, you're providing great content as always, but what's been up with you?

Anthony Confrancesco: Yeah. I think for everyone in this industry, it's just been a crazy year. Obviously the whole world with COVID, it's just absolutely wild, but e- commerce is growing by leaps and bounds, and so I think there's, like with any business, there's this long checklist of things that you want to do, and you're slowly moving down that list and trying to do as much as you can. Like you said, I've been traveling around a bit. This is a... I think 10, 15 years ago, the careers and the jobs that we have are unimaginable, the fact that you can work from anywhere in the world and just trying to take advantage of that as much as possible in a safe way.

Ryan: Yeah. And it's been awesome to follow you on Instagram or on Facebook, because you have been doing that. You work remotely, you're giving that insight, but that's your former... Before you joined PickFu, you were able to travel around too, and you know all the tips and tricks of that. In your mind, what's the world been like since you've been outside the United States? How's the world responding to an e- commerce, the first third of this year, if you don't mind sharing? Did you see anything from different countries that you've been in, how they're responding to this?

Anthony Confrancesco: The trend is definitely towards e- commerce everywhere you go in the world. It doesn't matter where you are. Even places that are more open, there's still restrictions everywhere. And people I think are generally pretty cautious about everything that's going on with COVID, and so they're going to be more inclined to order things delivered to their house rather than going out and going shopping. The point of going out and going shopping, I think as much more on a social front and much more on an experiential front than it is to actually get products into their house. And I think a lot of people are realizing that. And I think a lot of sellers are realizing that if they are going to sell products, physically, it's going to have much more to do with the experience surrounding the product and the product itself.

Ryan: So, with that being said, what's PickFu's insight? Where they taking it to the next level, in that regards? If they know lots of people are trying to get online, they're trying to optimize or growing brands, what are you guys doing in order to make that more successful for your business?

Anthony Confrancesco: Yeah. I think in the past... Market research, it's nothing new and PickFu certainly didn't invent it. But market research, in the past, has been a very clunky process. It's been very expensive and it takes very long. And so now we're seeing even large legacy corporations and big brands that have been using traditional market research coming to PickFu, because now it's all about speed. It's about going through iterations quickly and not just saying," Hey, we're going to try one version of our product packaging, and we're going to we're going to take months and months to do this." They want it to happen at a much more accelerated level and they want to get that feedback quickly so that they can get products to market faster and see what the customer thinks and see if it improves their business metrics.

Ryan: So what do you think the next, I guess the rest of the year, looks like for either you guys or... Is it more focusing and growing brands and really tapping into what customers are saying? Because margins have gotten so thin, right? Because Amazon keeps changing all their inventory levels or their brand registries, or they're really pushing people to build a brand online. Is this where you guys are going to lean in to say like," Hey, make sure that the brand is coming first. Make sure you're testing your ideas before you implement them. You don't want to waste any more time, money and effort than you have to." Is that where you guys are going to go with that?

Anthony Confrancesco: Yeah, I think in e- commerce the name of the game, the people who are winning are people who are focusing on converting customers. So, if someone types in something to Amazon and they make it on your listing, you've got one shot to convert them as a customer. And if you don't convert them, one of your other competitors is going to convert them. And so the brands that are doing very well are realizing this. It doesn't matter how much money you spend on PPC, it doesn't matter how effective your campaigns are. If you're sending traffic and you're getting good traffic to your listing and it's not converting, all other aspects of your business are going to suffer. And so brands that are doing very well are focusing on making sure that when someone gets there, the brand looks legitimate, it looks like a product that you're going to want to buy. And they're going to click add to cart the vast majority of the time.

Ryan: That's amazing, man. Are you, are you going to be traveling or doing any speaking engagements? What's the next couple of things for you?

Anthony Confrancesco: Yeah. So we're locking down our schedule right now. Obviously we're going to be at Prosper show. We'll be at ASGTG, up in New York. Billion Dollar Seller Summit, Kevin King's event in Austin, Texas. I think we'll probably be at IRCE. So, everyone on our team, I just got my first dose of the vaccine, hopefully going to get the next one at the end of the month. We're excited because it's been a long time and having these virtual meetups is fine, but I think it's going to be a big party when all of the seller community gets back together and it's a tight knit community. I'm excited to see everyone and to network and collaborate.

Ryan: Absolutely, man. Hey, thanks so much for hopping on. I would pick your brain more, but I'm going to keep it rolling, because this ship is different than other episodes I've had in the past. But thanks so much for just spending 10 minutes with me here today on our 100th episode. Be safe traveling. We'll catch up again soon.

Anthony Confrancesco: Thanks so much, Ryan. Have an awesome day.

Ryan: Yeah. Thanks man. Bye. Awesome. Thanks Anthony from PickFu. Again, he's bringing so much knowledge in terms of AB testing. Make sure you guys check out PickFu. If you want to test things out with brands, whether it's imagery, logos, anything when it comes to building your brand, you want to make sure it's not just you who have that feeling, you want to make sure that other people can verify and validate your idea moving forward. And speaking of awesome ideas, my guy, who's coming up next, has had this awesome project that they've been working on. We said yes right away, once we heard about this project with CogNeuro. He's putting out so much content as well and speaking around the world, but als, I should say, traveling around the world and speaking at different engagements. But their project with Sandra Bracks and him, it's just super fascinating. I, myself, put in my address to get the first actual product itself delivered to my home. So I'm super excited to bring on Mina from MMA nutrition, but also CogNeuro. What's up Mina? How are you?

Mina Elias: What's up? What's up?

Ryan: My guy, I like the haircut, man. Is that new?

Mina Elias: That is a new one.

Ryan: Look at that!

Mina Elias: I'm a little bit blurry. But no, we're good now, right?

Ryan: No, we're good. Yeah. You got a... What's up? Where are you at right now? You're you were in the Dominican Republic recently, weren't you?

Mina Elias: No, I was in Puerto Rico.

Ryan: Peru. Oh, Puerto Rico. Okay. How as that? Was that vacay with the family?

Mina Elias: Yeah, it was just a 10 day vacation. It was a mix up vacation, but I have some friends there in the supplement game. So, I'm always itching to talk about business. So, went out there, chilling by the pool, experiencing different beaches and things like that. And then talking a lot of business. Really Man. Every single time I meet an entrepreneur, who's like killing it, I get so inspired and it just opens my mind and it always reinforces how important it is to have people like that around you. Because, I had this idea in my head and then I talked to this person about it and he completely shattered it. He said," Dude, what are you talking about? This is possible. And we did this, this, this, this, this!" And then it opened my mind. I was like," Wow, I didn't know that this was possible." So, it's very important to go out and meet those people.

Ryan: Yeah. You always have to be open to learning new things and we all don't know everything. I specifically don't know everything, but I'm lucky to know you guys who have been successful in the space. But since we've talked last on this show, it was just an idea at this point, it wasn't really a thing, but you guys have launched a really good product with CogNeuro, which is a coffee replacement. Because your background in chemical engineering, right? Chemical engineering. So you developed this awesome product, which I'm super excited to try it myself. I bought it. crosstalk.

Mina Elias: Actually, the formula, I partnered with a holistic nutritional practitioner. And so basically, I didn't want this to just be a supplement. We said," Let's say they get all natural like herbs roots, all of these things that have super super food properties and let's make the product from that." Versus... I make supplements all day, right? But I'm like,"Well, let's take a different approach. Let's actually make it all natural." Not that the supplements are not all natural, but this is literally just like, for example, guarana seed ground, maca root ground, just ground it up. And so you mix these powders, you add a little bit of cacao, a little bit of this, a little bit of that, and you get this incredible super food blend that tastes incredible. Gives you a lot of energy, you don't crash. Because we made the formula where you don't get a spike of energy and crash. So you get this sustained energy, same way that you get with bulletproof coffee. So it's been cool. And I thought it was like an amazing idea because, obviously you've seen what happened with COVID. And because of COVID everyone who was in retail moved on to Amazon. And this completely eliminated the whole private label, business model. You can no longer find a product that's in demand selling on Amazon, because if you had 10 competitors, now you have 110 competitors. And so because there's so many competitors, it's no longer like," Let's find a product and sell it on Amazon, put our label or whatever." It's now like," Let's actually create solutions to problems." So a lot of people have been asking me like," Yo. How did you get into this? How did you create your supplement?" And then once I told them about my background, I can immediately see they tuned it off, because they're like... This is the excuse," Because he's a chemical engineer. He can make this stuff." And,"Because he's passionate about supplements, he can make this stuff." So I'm like," Okay, let's take a step back." And instead of making it like that, let's say," Okay, I'm going to go from zero, from just an idea because I'm experiencing a problem in my life." Let's go from that idea to validating if that's actually a good idea to create a solution for, to looking at other people's solutions, to creating a better solution than everyone else's solution, validating the demand for that prototyping, getting some study groups and testing the stuff on them, getting their feedback and then coming up with a product," How to create a Kickstarter, so you don't have to..."

Mina Elias: ...product, how to create a Kickstarter. So you don't have to put your own money in. And honestly, I'm going to be honest right now, our Kickstarter net, net, after shipping the product because as you can see, we you charge you 19 bucks and we didn't charge shipping. So our net, net with everything all in was negative$ 4, 000 on the Kickstarter. So, but I'm glad that we're doing this because for us it doesn't hurt our bank account, but for people who are starting out being negative 4, 000 can be a really big hit. And so we wanted to do everything and say," Guys, we did this. Here's how we messed up in certain areas, in certain aspects. Here's what we think is the best." And honestly, I think a Kickstarter is an incredible model to just get friends and family and some people from some groups involved and back you, but you can talk to Kiersten about how they crack the code on making these really successful campaigns and how much net profit comes out. But we tried it. So we just wanted to show everyone and be super real like, this is how you start a business. Now it's not... or you started a product based solution business. It's no longer," Hey, let's do some hacky tricks and find this stuff," but it's done, those days are over. It's now however much value you're adding to society. You're going to get compensated on that. And so this is what we're doing is, we came up with this so we can add a lot of value to the people who are struggling from coffee but love it. Who have a coffee dependency. Personally, I love the taste of coffee. I have it once a week on Saturday. It's just like my thing. Yeah. I love it. And... but I know that it's very addicting. And so I just can't... because I know if I start drinking a cup here, a cup there, now it's like," Okay, I have to start my day with a cup of coffee." I know I'm that kind of person. So this is for... you're creating a solution for all those people and I think that's the future. Amazon is simply just like a launchpad for you. You create a solution to a problem, you get it on Amazon, you capture people who are looking for a solution. And then from there you're like," Okay, I validated demand. I have a proof of concept with my product. Now let me go and start working on marketing to people who don't have awareness about this problem that they have." Showing them that there's a solution that it's better than everyone else's, getting them from all those social platforms, getting into retail, all that kind of stuff. And then you have a legitimate business that you can... it's not just like fully dependent. I actually just got taken down. All of my best sellers got taken down off Amazon for like... one of them for a month. The other one for like two weeks. And it just shows you how fragile you are as a business, and even though I'm diversified because I have multiple brands, they took down multiple of the top sellers from different brands. And so, it just shows you like, if you have a single channel business you're at the mercy of that channel. But once you actually create a solution to a problem, it's very easy to get it everywhere. You can sell it in stores. You can sell direct to consumer. You can go to different online retailers because it's now no longer, oh let... because I have this research tool or because I know the keyword search volume of this product, then I'm able to make this successful Amazon site, is going to be successful everywhere because it's a solution that everyone can use. So-

Ryan: That's what you're doing. I was going to say, you have the mindset of a great entrepreneur. Because you found the problem. You found a product that fits it. And that's why I think you guys will be successful, but it's cool that you're highlighting all these aspects of the business and where you're going to take it, and educate people moving forward. Maybe you shouldn't go this route if this is what you're doing. So I would talk to you all day about this, but I know we have a couple of people backstage waiting. I appreciate you just spending 10 minutes with me. We'll get you back on again. I'm curious to learn more about that insight then also what your final solution is with every step in this process, because the practice... Hopefully I'm going to get it soon and I'm going to love it. I think I will.

Mina Elias: It's already on the boat. It's already on the boat.

Ryan: It's on the boat.

Mina Elias: Yeah. The tin cans are on the boat from China coming to the U. S, obviously our supplement are... the whole thing is made in the U. S but the tin cans are definitely a lot cheaper China. And I don't even think we could find the tin cans made in the U. S, it's usually made in China and someone will source it for you pretending that it's a U. S Company. So yeah. Five weeks, hopefully.

Ryan: Well, Hey. Yeah. Hopefully doesn't sit on a container or a boat for a long time.

Mina Elias: No, no, no. We figured that out. We figured this thing out. We're sending it to Seattle. So we avoid the whole long beach. I said," Yo, do not touch the long beach port. It's too messed up right now."

Ryan: Yeah, for sure. Well, Hey man, thanks for hopping on in just for a few minutes, I appreciate your time obviously. You're doing great things in the space, so keep up the good work and we'll catch you next time.

Mina Elias: Thank you. Take it easy.

Ryan: Awesome. Thanks, Mina. Again, Mina... number six guest. We're moving right along. We're on the back half of this episode 100. Thank you so much, Mina, again for hopping on a Crossover Commerce. Again, they're doing really cool project that we're a sponsor of. And I know other great companies like Helium 10. I think Marvely is also a sponsor or there's other people that along the way, that are helping. They're going to shine lights on different parts of the process of sourcing Kickstarter all the way to putting listings together PPC, management sourcing, all that fun stuff that... You should follow Sammer on his YouTube channel to make sure that you get that insight. And then there a Facebook group as well. They're putting all their content for free out there so people can consume it. So definitely check them out again, it's called Cognito. If you follow them on social media, you can be sure to catch Mina or just message Mina again, one of my favorites has been on Crossover Commerce. Let's jump right into our next guest. We have no time to spare. I'm looking at my list as well. Next is Melissa. Someone sent from Empowery, which is a fantastic organization of helping collaboration with different businesses in the e- commerce and as a service industries, but also sellers and connecting the two all in one ecosystem and making sure everyone's successful, just like what we try to do on this podcast, but Melissa Simonton, former guest on the show, friend of the show. Thanks for hopping on a Crossover Commerce. How are you?

Melissa Simonton: I'm so good. How are you doing? It's so good to see you.

Ryan: I know. It feels like it's been forever since we were like what? Christmas, I think is the last time we spoke on a video conference together like this. But what's been new since, gosh in the first four months of this year, what's been new with you?

Melissa Simonton: Oh my goodness. There's a lot going on with Empowery. We're changing some things up. We're changing the way that we're doing our mastermind calls, we're... actually it was around that time when we last spoke that we changed our pricing structure. So we actually reduced our prices by a degree of 10, it's pretty crazy, because what we've really found out that we wanted was we wanted to make sure that everyone was part of this group, so that everyone has a voice. Everyone can raise their hand and that part of it, the money part of it is not the obstacle. So now I'm really excited to increase our membership and get more help for more people because there's more people in the co- op.

Ryan: Absolutely. And that's the thing is, we're always wanting to partner people and connect people even on the show when they're like," Do you have a guest or do you have person that knows more about this?" I think you do the best in the space of," Hey, I know this person, let me connect you with them." I think you're one of the people that we can all look to and say," Melissa, you know these people." It's almost like this Rolodex is in your head with people knowing people. Is that something that you guys... or do you feel like you have a good core of people? Is there a space where you don't think that you have enough of one space in this space? All right you know.

Melissa Simonton: Yeah, there's always one, right? I will never feel like we know enough people. We can stop networking, you know what I mean? I think there's always the unknown of what you don't know. You don't know what you don't know. And sometimes when you meet somebody, as long as you have an open mind and you don't approach the conversation like," Well, I know a lot of people, so you better be impressive." I assume that when I'm meeting somebody that they have something to offer and I have something to offer them, and with that comes a beautiful networking opportunity.

Ryan: Absolutely. So what are you guys planning? I know networking for a lot of us is done through... right now Zoopla or through videos or podcasts or anything like that. What is the next thing for in- person that you guys are trying to plan out? Because I know you have a bunch of events you used to do, but what's the next one that you guys are looking to?

Melissa Simonton: This is actually very exciting. So the very, very next thing that I'm doing is, next week I will be in New York with the Ecom Co- op we are collaborating to do the give away. And we're looking at this as the Ecom Co- op is a group of partners, right? They're the service providers and they get together and they share information and they give giveaways for members. And Empowery is a co- op that actually is formed as a co- op and shares dividends and stuff. So it's like a JV Varsity kind of a situation. So we're coming together next week in New York to do a really awesome giveaway. So that's next week. And that's digital, even though I'll be on vacation and then on... oh geez. The middle of May, I'm going to be in Miami with a wonderful group of women of Amazon.

Ryan: Everyone on the show is going to Miami. I'm super jealous. I should be there.

Melissa Simonton: Cannot wait. I'm dying right now. I've been... I got to work out because we're going to be on the beach.

Ryan: It's spring great weather, summer weather. We all need to get outside exactly.

Melissa Simonton: Yeah. crosstalk exciting thing. Those are the next two. But then the very, very, most exciting thing that I've been working on and that I will be able to share very soon. And you are the first to hear and be announced too, is the Empowery women's conference, 2021. Will be live in person and it will be piggybacking the Prosper Show. So we will be in Las Vegas, and so anyone who is going to be at Prosper in person, you got to come to the Empower Women's Conference as well.

Ryan: So we're talking to a day or two right after it, or there's an overlap or... wow.

Melissa Simonton: Yeah. Yeah. So in Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and we are going to be hosting the Empowery Women's Conference Friday, Saturday in Las Vegas.

Ryan: Oh man. I'm going to have to spend a week in Vegas it sounds like. Yeah, I have to convince my wife it's like," Hey, by the way, I'm going to spend a couple of extra days in Vegas." Exactly. It's work. I swear, exactly. Well, that's awesome. I think it's really cool that we're all able to start planning these things again. It was so uncertain last year, but you start to see Prosper. You're starting to see RetailX like ESGT inaudible yeah G, that was the last acronym. But yeah, a lot of people are starting to feel more comfortable with meet up in person. So I think that's really cool. What was the decision for that time, if you don't mind me asking, just because people are there.

Melissa Simonton: We've gone back and forth many times about the women's conferences. We initially were going to have a virtual one in January, but I also didn't want to have it too close to The Branded by Women, because I want it to be very special. And I think that there should be a couple of times a year where women get together and celebrate each other's successes and women on stage. So, I wanted to space it out for that reason and then I was thinking, I want to make sure that we do this justice and things are starting to open up. So maybe April and so I was waffling about it for awhile, but a lot of people seem to be planning to go to Prosper. And even though they're... a lot of people are planning on actually showing up, I still think there's a little bit of nervousness or hesitation. So it's difficult to say like," Okay, we're back on. Everything's good. Let's all make a bunch of travel plans." But if somebody is already flying, they're already booking their hotels, then the risk factor for an additional event is lowered. And I think that, that's what really pushed the decision to piggyback this is, people are already going to be doing this. So the risk factor is very low. The gain is very high for what we're going to be offering people, and I think it's just a win-win.

Ryan: That's amazing. That's really cool. I'm... congrats on being able to... hopefully we can pull this successfully off. I'm excited. I'm excited to see how it goes. Yeah, for sure. And again, just to be not naive about this, but it's for both men and women or just women?

Melissa Simonton: Yes. Both men and women are invited and I encourage men to come and learn from the amazing women who are going to be on the stage. The only difference is that it will be only women who are on the stage. And the reason for that is just because when we did the very first women's conference last year, the goal was, we see a lot of men up on the stage and not a lot of women up on the stage. And for us women watching it, it's a little more difficult to connect and see yourself being successful like the person on stage, if you don't identify with them in that way. So I wanted to encourage more women to be on the stage and in order to do that, we had to show other hosts, other event organizers and stuff like that, that there's a huge selection of women to choose from. And that means helping some of these women build their speaking resumes. So we put them on a stage and some of that has really had a domino effect for some of the ladies from last year.

Ryan: That's amazing. Well, I'm excited to hear more about that. Well, thanks for sharing that today on Crossover Commerce. Send me the details so we can promote it on our end. And yeah, that sounds like an exciting week. Let's call it the week of e- commerce and whatnot. And you had mentioned the Ecom Co- op, which also Ping- pong is a part of. We're one of the first people to hop on and say yes to. We're all part of Empowery. We believe in partnerships across all channels. So things are hopping on again, if people aren't a member, how can they find out or learn more information for either one or for you guys?

Melissa Simonton: Yeah. So, so right now we're building the page so that everyone has the countdown and everything for the women's conference, but you will be able to go to empowery. com and look at the event page for that shortly and get the updates there. As well as any information you would like to know about Empowery. If you go to empowery. com, there's a join button right at the top. And I really do encourage everyone to learn more about it because it's the way to get your voice heard in e- commerce. There's no other organization like ours, and I'll tell you right now, I was just meeting with some of our finance team. And we have tens of thousands of dollars that we are not issuing checks for because these people who we are gathering cash back from our partners, they're not shareholding members. So these people could be getting checks back for the services they're using for e- commerce like PPC and for an exchange, right? These people should be getting a big check for the stuff that they're doing. And they're not, so I encourage everyone to take a look and see how they can be earning money back when they are doing business. Because any edge that you have for your business is an edge up over your competition.

Ryan: Absolutely. Well, Hey, thank you so much for hopping on and answering my call, two people who I wanted on the show. You were definitely one of the people I thought would fit this. And it was just amazing to have you speak on that and thanks for again, hopping on earlier. We need to get you guys back on again to just talk about more of the events in the feature as it gets a little bit closer, so July.

Melissa Simonton: And congratulations on your hundredth episode, whatever you need, we're always got you.

Ryan: Thank you so much. No, I appreciate it. Thanks so much, Melissa for hopping on and have a good weekend and I'll catch you next time. Awesome. Thank you, Melissa from Empowery again, that was our guest number seven. This episode of number 100 of Crossover Commerce presented by Pink Palm Payments. Again, I want to bring on 10 guests to share a tip. I call them a 10 by 10 episode, 10 guests sharing tips in order to give you guys another leg up on the business moving forward. For the rest of the year, I had just amazing Rolodex of people, I call it a Rolodex. For people don't know what a Rolodex is, my contact list in e- commerce, if you will on my phone or my a digital, a digital address book, if you will. But let's keep things rolling. My next guest is actually the one the only Jug inaudible from Marvely. He and his team are doing so many great things in terms of quality inspections also has a lot of cool projects in the works in terms of making sure that you're profitable and making sure that goods right now, logistics and supply chain it's just a nightmare. I know we talked about that yesterday on our 99th episode, but I just want to bring him on to give his perspective on what's going on and what's new with him. So jug, what's going on, man? How are you?

Jug: Hey, Ryan. I'm doing good. How about you?

Ryan: Man, I'm doing all right. We're making it through this episode. I'm about an hour and a half in, but I am jazz for everyone who's remaining coming on. So thanks for hopping on again on a Friday. I know... Where are you at? You're in Chicago still or where are you based in right now?

Jug: Yeah, so I'm a little bit of a gypsy, so I'm always traveling to new places. Right now, I'm actually in Indianapolis. So a little bit-

Ryan: No, what... Are you here in my city?

Jug: Yeah. I'm nearby. Yeah, I should-

Ryan: And you didn't tell me.

Jug: Yeah, it's a little bit of a last minute thing, but definitely I'm going to have to hit you up. We going to have to meet up for lunch or something.

Ryan: Yeah, man. How long are you here?

Jug: Just about a week or two. So I'm going to be leaving in a couple of days.

Ryan: All right. Yeah. Well, we'll... this is news to me, everyone like shocked face. If you're listening to this, my face is shocked right now, but Hey man, that's awesome. Because yeah, you're moving all over. There's so many cool things going on with Marvely you guys, you're hiring some full- time people right now, which means growth, which means there's so much going on in your industry, which is quality inspections logistics. The whole shebang, what's been new since we last talked to you on the show?

Jug: Yeah. So a lot of memes on the Suez Canal, that's for sure.

Ryan: Your day was spent doing those, right? That was all your content creator, right?

Jug: That was behind the scenes. Every single meme you saw on the internet it's-

Ryan: I figured as much, it sounded like you.

Jug: But yeah, shipping delays have been crazy. We've had... I got an email actually this morning from First Choice Shipping and they were saying that they have to book containers three weeks out for shipping right now. And then just like Mina was saying on the call just a few minutes ago about the port in Long Beach being completely backed up. There's news articles. It's like in mainstream news, how backed up the ports are, which is crazy because [ crosstalk 00:18: 26 ] exactly, and normal consumers don't give a crap about how backed up the ports are, but the fact is making it on mainstream news just tells you how much of an issue that is. So it's just been all over the map, all over the place, big mass, we've seen storage limits on Amazon with COVID and everything, and that's been changing up fortunately, that's been getting a little bit better. And also on the funding perspective, we've seen a lot of crazy roll- ups coming up. So we've actually started working with a lot of roll- ups recently and a lot of new ones that are up and coming especially. So really interesting to see that a lot of people in the industry are starting to talk more about mergers and acquisitions, selling your e- commerce business and building your e- commerce business to sell instead of just running for the longterm, and Mina was also talking a little bit about that. So we're sponsored his project Neuro, which is super, super exciting. And they're talking about building a brand, building it outside of Amazon, using Amazon as a sales channel. And that's really interesting, that's the future that e- commerce has panned out for us.

Ryan: That's awesome. So, there's so much things. I spent an hour yesterday just talking about what's broken in the space, there's been reports that we'll never go back to a fixed supply chain or any sort of something resemblance of what it was pre COVID. Where do sellers pivot from here? And you said, people are... there's shortages of containers, there's shortages of the timeframe to get goods from one country to another has just a long gated into three, four or five weeks now, depending on where you're coming from. Working sellers pivot from that and then start planning for the rest of the year.

Jug: Yeah. I think a big thing comes out to just storage. So I think sellers have been in this luxury that they buy goods when they need it and that's about it. And I think e- commerce sellers are starting to see a little bit of what brick and mortar sellers see and these kinds of disruptions... COVID has definitely unprecedented and COVID has created a lot of disruptions that normally we'd never see, but disruptions are not unlikely. Sometimes the supplier has a fire or there's an outage, or a machine breaks or some other issues happen. And when... if an e- commerce seller ends up wanting to sell in brick and mortar, a lot of brick and mortar retailers mandate," Hey, we expect you to have X dollars value inventory for every single product or whatever in stock at a warehouse at any given point of time." So when these kinds of disruptions happen, you have extra stock to fulfill that from. And I think sellers need to start considering that also from there, and a lot of sellers have focused exclusively on running an Amazon FBA business and storing all their inventory in Amazon FBA. And I think that needs to change a little bit. A lot of people started using three PLS last year, especially when things started going into place as far as storage limits on FBA. And I think that's something that is more prevalent now, sellers need stock and they can't just plan for selling enough inventory to be in stock, rather have to plan to sell enough inventory, but also have extra stock at some warehouse or another place where they can easily access that inventory at least domestically. Because at the end of the day, you can't run an e- commerce company without products to sell. And crosstalk

Ryan: I think it's been a headache for a lot of people. Because it was at first the IMI levels and how many of one inventory you can have. Now it's going on an account basis, how much you can actually just have per account in warehouses and negative, we talked about yesterday in... the FBA warehouses is supposed to be a fluid place of making sure your kids are going out the door quickly and efficiently, but it's just hard for people to ebb and flow so quickly in the same day that they make these announcements. That's when effective changes are happening, people had goods on the water, how are they changing and going from there, but we don't have enough time to dive into all of that. But what's coming up for you guys for the rest of the year? What's the focus with all that being said in the first third of this year, what's the focus on for the good port of the summer and then going into Q3, Q4?

Jug: Yeah, definitely. The focus for us is we're actually pivoting to focus more on mergers and acquisitions. So mergers and acquisitions is something that has really, really taken a lot of blight recently. A lot of Amazon sellers wanting to exit their business or build exit. So we're starting to work on that. We're actually working on creating educational content on that. How to better position your business to sell, that's something where quality control comes in really, really effectively. So that's where Marvely specialize in is QC. And when it comes down to quality control, what we've learned is we started talking with all these roll- ups as customers. And we actually started thinking again and we're like," Okay, how do you guys buy businesses? What are your calculations? What goes into it?" Because we want to understand that so we can help better educate our clients and in terms of being able to sell their businesses. And what we've learned is that a lot of roll- ups, in fact, every role- up for the most part has product quality as a very, very key part of their process. And essentially if you have bad quality control, and you have bad products, even at one point, say for example, you have a bad order and you go to sell your business in two years, that bad order today can affect your multiples even two years out. And roll- ups end up starting to use that as negotiation leverage. They're like," Okay, Hey, you had these bad orders and it happened either a year ago or it can happen once, it happened once it can happen again," and that's their position on a risk tolerance basis. So we've been learning a little bit about that and that's really our focus is helping our customers and also helping other customers prepare to position themselves to scale, so that they can effectively sell their business as high of a multiple as possible down the road.

Ryan: Well, yeah. Anytime you can save money with Ping- pong or with Marvely or things like that, you put money to your bottom line. It's definitely going to increase the valuation later and when people eventually exit. I would talk with you all day, but of course you're a busy guy, but Hey, thanks for hopping on again of my 100th episode, thanks for hopping on. We'll have you on again very soon. I'm assuming to come up with... you have so many exciting things coming out, so we'll be in touch for sure soon, but thanks for hopping on today.

Jug: Definitely. Thanks so much for having me on Ryan and congrats on your hundredth episode.

Ryan: Hey, man. Thanks, I appreciate it. Again, hey, you have to reach out to me because you're in the freaking same city as me. This doesn't happen guys. Midwest, no one comes through here. This is a big deal for me. So make sure you reach out, we'll be in touch soon.

Jug: I'll call you soon.

Ryan: Thanks, man. All right. Awesome. Thanks to Jug. Again for monthly, make sure that you're investing in your quality control. Because again, we're talking about logistics two years away. If you're going to exit your business, you want to make sure your quality is perfect because if you're not investing yourself now... just like brands, just like building any sort of traffic to your listing, it's going to affect yourself down the road. So make sure that you check them out, doing awesome stuff over there, Marvely. So thanks again for Jug for coming on. And I can't believe he didn't even tell me he's in the same city as I am. I'm a little peeved by that, but Hey, it is what it is. We'll make sure we have in mind. Anyways, to move on a couple more guests. Again, we have our number eight guest to... excuse me, our number nine guest from BetterAMS. She is just crushing as co- founder of BetterAMS doing just so many different things and thought leaderships on the advertising Amazon PPC space, as well as DSP. Just someone who can bring a gun to a knife fight is what I want to say, that's how I would bring her knowledge to any conversation that I'm at with her in terms of her expertise. So, Destaney Wishon from BetterAMS. Welcome to Crossover Commerce. What's up?

Sharon: Hello. Hello, congratulations.

Ryan: Yeah. Hey, thank you so much. I don't know where time went, but shoot, this this year has been weird. So it is what it is, 100 snuck up on me. But thanks for hopping on today.

Sharon: Of course, I laughed out loud when you said bringing a gun to a knife fight.

Ryan: That's what you do though. And if people don't... they haven't heard you talk, you bring so much in- depth knowledge and I don't know where you store it all, because it's always something new in a different way and applies to literally every topic that you're talking on. So it's unreal and uncanny, how much you store up there. I can't believe it.

Sharon: Well, It's just Amazon and our knowledge. That's it. You guys know everything else. I just cover the ad piece.

Ryan: Well, but that's cool. That's cool. And why you guys are so successful because that's what you're specializing. And so for BetterAMS, what did you guys see? Or you specifically, what did the first third of this year teach you and then how you... because you guys had a getaway or something like that in Miami like a mastermind, I'm assuming for business growth and opportunity where you guys are seeing, right?

Sharon: We did. It was a Q1 catch- up Q2 planning session. And a lot of it was just around how competitive the space is right now. So, we've talked about supply chain and we've talked about the impacts it's had on the Amazon business and a second or a consequence of all that, and everything with COVID has just been... everyone throwing their budgets at Amazon. So, retail and brick and mortar saw this major slow down. So people shifted a bunch of budgets over, they start pouring everything they have into dot- com. So Amazon has been incredibly competitive. It's been insane.

Ryan: I was going to say, you guys are probably seeing all this money being thrown your way, but that being said. We saw this evolution, it was cool. I saw a marketplace polls. They made this specific highlight that all these organic placements on your product listing have almost disappeared besides maybe one spot now is frequently bought by section. But everything else is in that, that being said, does that... what's your take on how Amazon's now this ad centric platform, is it lose value or does it emphasize and does it make you want to spend more money? What is your take on that?

Sharon: So, yesterday I actually posted a really quick video of my story and they were 16 placements above the number one organically ranked product on page one, 16.

Ryan: Are you kidding me?

Sharon: It was a headline search ad, a sponsored brands video directly below the headline search ad, editorial recommendations below that, Amazon's choice badge for product carousel below that. Four sponsored product placements to display ads. All before the number one organic product, which one hand it's like," Hey, we're diversifying ad spend by creating more ad placements, so everyone that's spending has more ad inventory. So it's maybe less competitive per placement." So that's cool. But at the end of the day, it's almost too much. From a consumer, I get most of the time they don't even know the difference of a sponsored product placement and organic placement, but holy crap, there is a lot going on. And it devalues your organic placements, that's for sure.

Ryan: This is probably like... I happen to show just right now, Destaney is an atomic bomb in a fist fight. And then Rob, who's going to come on here shortly, PPC inaudible that cracks me up. I cannot share that with everyone. So atomic bomb in a fist fight. I can't believe and that's... I've heard it from a couple of people. Do you think that Amazon swings that back organically? They'll start taking away then once that resets itself almost like a inflation, right? You have to reset itself eventually, I'm assuming, right?

Sharon: I would assume so. I don't think they want to go the direction of being completely paid to play. I think that completely changes their whole three P marketplace focus of being a platform for anyone and everyone. But it's honestly, probably a good thing as well, because the last five years it's been a free for all of the Amazon. Anyone and everyone could start a company, they could create products. We saw... you could type in purple pin, which is a product that's like, everyone knew what a purple pin was. And now you have a hundred thousand different variations of purple pin. Is it needed? I don't know. Is that benefiting the consumer, having that many options? I don't know. Maybe it does make sense to make it a little bit more pay to play. It's the same thing as any retail store. There's limited amount of shelf space,

Ryan: Right. Because yeah. And that's why you only saw, you didn't see like mom and pop stuff fitting on those spaces, you saw people who had the dollars to play and buy that space basically. That's an interesting... I like that analogy of there's only so much limited shelf space. So we just elevated the barrier to entry. We're elevating the barrier to be successful in Amazon, who does this benefit ultimately is just people with money and that's the e- commerce way now, or is it we're going to have to get more creative with how we start brands on Amazon and launch products?

Sharon: I think we have to get more creative. I don't think it's a bad thing. I don't think everyone needs a hundred different variations of a purple pin with no differentiation. I think crosstalk below to create better products and it creates people to find their ideal audience. We have unlimited platforms to connect with the right amount of people. We could have TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, all these platforms to truly build an audience. The actual platform they're purchasing on does not have to be tied to our customer base. And I'm not speaking in my lane here per say, just speaking from five years of doing nothing but Amazon advertising. So I think there's still opportunity. It's just not as easy, which isn't always a bad thing.

Ryan: Right. When that being said, is it a conversation with... there's so many routes you can go with that. Obviously again, we call it the wild west. If you're looking at the timeline of everything, 14, 15 is when you literally buy whatever on Alibaba, throw it on there. And then you just print money, essentially that's what the simplistic way to do. But now you have to get innovative. Who's going to benefit from this and long- term? Is it going to be the innovators? Is going to be the aggregators in the space? Who's going to benefit from all these different kinds of changes? Because I'm fearful personally of, if you can't stand out obviously you just get lost in the mix. If I don't have money to get started, I get lost in the mix. If I'm going on begins of behemoths, like an aggregator has all these brands, you can just throw money at it and be optimized. I'm going to get lost in the mix. Who is this going to benefit long- term if you think you had to put on your seeing the future goggles, maybe like a year or two from now?

Sharon: I would say the customers first and foremost, I'm not really that concerned with aggregators. Johnson and Johnson, Proctor and Gamble. It's nothing new. They're just supplying it to a different industry. And what happens when you have that many skews in that much scale, you're less flexible. Aggregators aren't going to want to create videos for 900 skews the moment a new ad type focusing on video comes out, they're going to focus on their 80, 20. So, that means the small brands that do have that competitive advantage can be more flexible. They can use those different audience insights. They can test different markets super quickly. So if I had any advice, it would be to continue testing and being creative and being flexible. Those are the people I think are still going to win. Not the people that are trying to make quick cash. Not the people want that instant gratification of throwing a product up and holy crap, I'm on page one. The people who are really doing something that's going to make a difference in the long run are still going to win.

Ryan: Absolutely. What about... so where are you guys as a company are going to focus here moving forward...

Ryan: Where are you guys as a company are going to focus here moving forward? Is that DSP? Because I hear a lot of people of... Just being able to like diversify and be on different platforms and even pulling people away from just purchasing on Amazon, which is really cool. I think that's a fascinating concept that Amazon's really diving into and leaning into, if you will. Well, what's that focus for you guys?

Sharon: You're very familiar with what our focus has been and the brands we work with, and it is typically brands that are doing scale. Brands are focusing on the long- term. So I don't think that changes. PPC is still going to be an opportunity. It's directly on platform. I think the expectations and the mindset around PPC has got to change. I hate nothing more than seeing a screenshot in the group saying" Look at my 10% ACoS and how fantastic I'm doing." That's not what should maybe be expected. I mean, there are times in your cashflow where you should probably be a little bit more profitability- focused but at the end of the day, it's about being on page one. It's about brand awareness. The same brands that are paying for an nCAP because of the increase of foot traffic and visibility to the product, that's the kind of mindset you need to have with Amazon ads. You're getting your product in front of people. So I think that the expectations is something we're working on, educating the market on why Amazon Ads is amazing. And DSP of course is amazing because you're allowed to diversify spend.

Ryan: I know you are too. I'm a big data nerd. And I love it when you can get super granular and targeted specifically, because we had Joe Shelerud of...

Sharon: Ah- hah(affirmative).

Ryan: Yeah, we had Joe Shelerud on and when we were talking about it-

Sharon: Ad Advance.

Ryan: Yeah. Ad Advance. Too many companies with Ad in it and the company are rattling around up there. But when he was talking about how granular you can get and point them in different flows, it reminds me of almost a mini chat ask, kind of like where in the flow you can capture people and pointing them into the direction because targeting is super key, as you know. I'm super excited to see how they continue to do that with data that they're pouring in from your Prime membership, but also the other Amazon platforms through Voice... You always talk about Voice. I feel like no one else talks about Voice shopping, but you, when I'm reading online. And it's funny that you were talking about like asking reviews or something like that the other day.

Sharon: Yes.

Ryan: Alexa just prompted you to ask... to leave a review. Is that true?

Sharon: Yes. I would say it now, but she will literally like start talking. She asks me for ratings probably once or twice a week on my products and it annoys the crap out of me so I just throw out a rating. It's like, perfect, like-

Ryan: Is that an ad function, or is that Amazon's functionality that does that? Because it'd be interesting if crosstalk Okay.

Sharon: They are writing it with a DSP. So frequently, you'll be shopping on Amazon, you'll see an ad that says Device... Like she will go off and it's going to be annoying, but it'll say, Device, ask for specific product, add to cart. And that's a DSP creative that you're testing because you can build custom creatives for whatever stage of the funnel you're in. So people are utilizing that voice aspect. I don't love Voice now and its capabilities, but it is going to get to that point. It's incredibly easy to be walking around and try to order something. Especially if you've already ordered it.

Ryan: I'm super forgetful, and I just yell out to the ether. I would like," Add this to my notes," or something like that. And-

Sharon: Yes.

Ryan: Google. So, it's going to be purchasing, and my son's going to inevitably hear it and start purchasing on my credit." What the hell is all this stuff? You can't order all this stuff." And he goes," But Google told me I could." I'm very scared.

Sharon: It's happened to me already. My mom jacked around with it one day and signed me up for Amazon Music. And 16 months later, I'm still a member. So it works.

Ryan: Hey, there you go. Yeah. They're going to be ultra specific and they're like," Eh, you don't want to cancel that. You're good to go." Hey, we're going to get a one-on- one episode here shortly with you. I know you hopped on one of our round tables, which was awesome. But for you guys, what's the next thing for you? Are you speaking at events? What's the next thing on your agenda, if you will?

Sharon: Speaking at a lot of events. I think I have like five webinars or podcasts coming up just in like the next 12 days. So it's going to be super crazy.

Ryan: You sound like me.

Sharon: Yeah.

Ryan: You sound like me, man. Oh my gosh, you're one of the best in the space. That's why everyone asks you to jump on.

Sharon: Thank you. Thank you. This has been amazing.

Ryan: Well, you guys keep up the good work because you guys are growing as a company, so that's fantastic. And each type of growth is always a plus. And I think for businesses, so continue the good work. We'll have to catch each other in person at one of these events. I don't know. There's still a lot of events, man.

Sharon: Prosper.

Ryan: Yeah. Well, a lot of people are saying Prosper. That's the one week my son doesn't have camp. So I'm going to have to rethink this, when everyone's going to Prosper so. I know, but hey, thanks for hopping on again this episode. So I appreciate your time and have a good weekend.

Sharon: Thank you. Congratulations.

Ryan: Awesome. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Yep. Awesome. Thanks Destaney from BetterAMS again. If you guys have a question, anything PPC related, you have to go check out BetterAMS. The team over there is fantastic because they are so specifically oriented with DSP, but also in any product display ads. You name it, they are super knowledgeable in that space. We have lot of friends of the show who talked PPC specifically. I would love to point people in all those directions, but she's one of the people who've been in it the longest. So I had to have her on to kind of like pinpoint, see what's going on in the world. So thank you, Destaney for hopping on Crossover Commerce. Last but not least, we have 10 minutes left or so if I'm looking at my... 13 minutes or so of Crossover Commerce, episode 100. Again, if you're listening and you're still tuned in, thank you for sticking with me for almost two hours of content. Of all my guests, nine so far, we've had Emma, Sharon, Jana, Troy, Mina, Anthony, Melissa, Sajag, Destaney. And now last but not least, of course, my buddy, who started this journey with me. I'm really excited to bring him on because it was an idea I threw off and he kind of pushed me in the right direction to get going on the show and start reaching out to people. He had multiple different podcasts. He's had multiple different companies he's worked for, sold online, YouTube expert, all this kind of stuff, that I always ask him for advice. Been very much like a mentor to me, but we've never met in person. Guys, this is the weirdest thing about freaking e- commerce and the digital space we live in. We've been collaborating through so many different ways of messaging, but we always bounce ideas off each other with different groups and masterminds and stuff like that. But stupid COVID hasn't allowed me to meet any of these people in person. And as far as this whole... all episodes of these people being on here, not one have I met in person yet, but that will be changing here hopefully later this year. Last but not least, coming on the show, Rob Stanley. Rob, what is going on, my man? How are you?

Rob Stanley: How do I follow Destaney, man? I mean, that's a tough one.

Ryan: I put you there specifically because-

Rob Stanley: Dang, I'm all washed out.

Ryan: No one can follow her but you. So thanks for coming on today.

Rob Stanley: Yeah. So yeah, thanks for having me. And like Ryan said... Actually I'm going to make Ryan go check his Facebook messenger. Because I sent him a photo from the very first one and I'm going to make him put it up so everybody could see what me and Ryan look like. Because when he originally started, I don't even think you had a name for the podcast at that point.

Ryan: It was zero names.

Rob Stanley: Yeah. It was like no name. And we ended up actually doing this podcast together. We were kind of co- hosting it. And we tried it out. If I'm not mistaken, it was like for a Chinese audience. Yeah. There you go. So you could see it. And we actually had Jeff Schick on, there was our first kind of guest-

Ryan: Yeah.

Rob Stanley: And at the time I had my other podcast-

Ryan: Look at the baby face on me.

Rob Stanley: Seriously, right?

Ryan: I had zero hair.

Rob Stanley: It wasn't that long ago, either.

Ryan: That was September of 2020, guys. September, 2020. Okay, yeah, so the background story of this is PingPong is an international company. We have offices all over the world and they specifically reached out to me to go," Ryan, do you know anyone in your partnership network that would be able to talk on copyrights? Images, things like that, that are... It's hard for our audience in China to be able to do it correctly. And they want to do it and be kosher and do everything above board." And I said," Of course, no problem. Let me ask some people." And you were the first person I reached out to you to go," Hey, do you know anyone? And Rob goes," Oh yeah. I have three people. Let me ask them. Oh yeah, I got this person right now." It was like 10 minutes later." Hey, when do you want to do this?" And I go," Oh shit. Well, I guess let's find a time. What do we record this on? Zoom? Okay. I guess that's okay."| Then we coordinated the time and I was late to our first meeting. It was all prerecorded. It didn't feel right. But I was like," Hey, would you co- host this to me because I feel like I wouldn't know what to talk about in here." Here I am 99 episodes later and all the changes you and I have both gone to. You changed companies. I've been doing this podcast. We've done different streaming platforms. I've been stopped. This is the one thing that my extended family wants to talk about now. It's like," I see that you're on podcasts now." And I go," Yeah, thanks. I appreciate that. Thanks for noticing. I feel like I feel your feed."

Rob Stanley: I think my kids get annoyed that I'm on podcasts, so.

Ryan: That's the thing-

Rob Stanley: "My dad does a podcast."" Oh, what about?"" Oh, about Amazon." None of my kids' friends care that I do a podcast about Amazon.

Ryan: That's the thing. This is the beauty about podcasts in general and this is why I'm flattered. We're not in the popular section of podcasts online. People are searching for murder mysteries and business tips but they're not listening to tips on e- commerce specifically. That's okay.

Rob Stanley: Exactly.

Ryan: This is a space I live in and you live in. So, but yeah man. I haven't had you on as official guest, but you were on the first episode so.

Rob Stanley: So I was looking back through all the episodes. Because I had to go back a while to find the one where I could grab that screen capture. And I was sitting there and I was going," Oh crap. I've never actually been a guest on Ryan's show."

Ryan: You, yourself have never been a guest on my show.

Rob Stanley: No, I-

Ryan: We talk almost every day, but you never been a guest on my show.

Rob Stanley: Yeah. I facilitated people to be on your show. Like," Hey, you should talk to this person." Ryan and I always do this, right. We always help each other out. Like," Hey, you should have this person on. Hey, you have this person on." Or" Let's get this person on." And we talk probably daily. I think there's a daily message going back and forth about something. It's always just a back and forth on what's going on with e- commerce or something big popped up or somebody made a big announcement. But yeah, I've never been on your show-

Ryan: Yeah, life in general. I'm pretty sure I have yelled at you about certain stuff and you've yelled at me, but that's okay. That's our relationship? But yeah, that's what I was saying. It's weird.

Rob Stanley: Wait, wait, wait. But you were mentioning not getting to meet people and we're going to though. Prosper. We're going to probably line that up.

Ryan: We will try.

Rob Stanley: We're going to meet. We're going to get to meet. Destaney is going to be there. Where we're there. There's a little crew of us.

Ryan: I swear to God, of all 10 of you who have been on the show, I swear to God, all 10 are going to be at Prosper or at least nine of you all. But I'm trying to figure out if that's the event or if there's another one maybe in August, I'm trying to do it. This one feels like the first major one. So I'm like," Ah, maybe I'll just let you all figure it out first and then I'll go to the next one and be the missing link.

Rob Stanley: You need to go to both. You need to do both.

Ryan: I'm trying to. We'll see. There's a lot going on, right? That's life in general. But, since we haven't had you on the show and people are maybe... You have your own podcast. What's new with you. What's been new that you've seen in the first four months of 2021 that it's kind of stood out to you do you think?

Rob Stanley: I mean, besides the fact things are opening up. I mean, we're seeing some of the restrictions on Amazon loosening back up with inventory coming in and more items being available too. But of course, we're also, as you had I think somebody on yesterday talking about it and I was kind of chiming in, we all know that a lot of the containers aren't available to ship things. Or even when they do... Like, I live in California, right. There's two ports. There's a port in Oakland. And then I think it's Long Beach has the other port down in SoCal. And the ships are literally waiting to get in. And then when they get in, it's slow to get through the process. And that's just finally getting it here. I think we're going to have to see some big changes with that happen. And you had a whole episode the other day about that, that there's a bottleneck right now. And just even ordering something, it takes time and you've got to start lining up that container ahead of time. I think they mentioned that what... It was like a 70- something day wait to get a container or something like that.

Ryan: Yeah.

Rob Stanley: I mean, that was crazy.

Ryan: Yeah. We were talking to our friends, Francois and Lisa over at Novaland, yesterday and they said that there's a container shortage. And I said," What do you mean? Can't they just make more?" And they're like," Well, there's shelf life of them. People need to send them back and forth. Certain countries choose to have a stockpile. Other ones can't get them back quick enough. So if you think about it, it's almost like a reusable bag, right? If China's shipping out or India shipping out, all these different containers, they need to have inventory. If it's not there or boats aren't taking them back empty, then we have a shortage." And I said," That sounds silly. What's happening in the world?" But all of these different reports are going out that logistics are not going to change. And that's a little scary to hear that. But as you and I know, that's where innovation comes in this space, is what is going to be the company or companies that figure this out, that can help bridge all these different gaps. And it's really cool to see. It's both scary because it doesn't just affect us if we sell on Amazon or buy on Amazon. It affects global commerce in general. And that's what e- business is. We've gone from-

Rob Stanley: You know what we're going to see, Ryan? Do you know what we're going to see in a shift here? This is my prediction. Okay. I think one of the big shifts we're going to see this year, and this won't be for all sellers because of what I'm going to say doesn't necessarily apply to all them... But I think we're going to see quite a bit of shift to sourcing from Mexico. I mean, we're connected to it. You could drive a truck right over. You can get your products pretty quickly. And again, not all products, because I've been doing a lot of talking with Pato who's a good friend of mine. He's been on my show. And he's amazing a bunch of sourcing down there and resources. And the stuff that you can get down there. Yeah, it'll be a little expensive, but when you start factoring in the fact that you can get it quicker. And then with the tariffs, the way they are. I was talking about... I think I was chiming in yesterday when you're on about tariffs being so high, that I think we could see some shifts of more products coming out of Mexico into Amazon FBA type areas. Again, depending on the category and the products that are available down there. China is still going to be the main source, don't get wrong. But I think there is going to be a shift. So-

Ryan: Yeah, I agree with you. I think it's funny because we talk about where we get most of our goods. And again, China has built its infrastructure with our colleagues over there. That's where one of our headquarters is... There's so many sellers, there's so many different brands that are emerging from there because they have access to all this capital because they've invested into it over the course of decades. But you're starting to see like India merge. You starting to see like all these other countries merge in terms of where you can get your goods from. Even the United States. I think a lot of people are trying to shift away or shift to how can they get things locally here, but then also put it together in different places. So I'm not just solely dependent on one country, which again, diversification is number one and key in being successful brands. Because we saw it in 2020- yeah.

Rob Stanley: Here's another thing we're going to see. We're going to see prices go up.

Ryan: Yeah.

Rob Stanley: Okay. I've just read this big article the other day talking about.. And I know this is a big one, everybody needs it obviously, toilet paper. Toilet paper, it's already said they're going to raise it-

Ryan: Again?

Rob Stanley: Yeah. They're going to raise the price up. I think, was it Procter& Gamble, I think is one of the bigger ones who were in the article. And they're just talking about raw goods. The price of raw goods going up and paper in general, because papers obviously for toilet paper. But anything in that sort of category that requires some of those raw goods, the price of raw goods are going up. And I mean, I've already seen it since COVID, I mean, I'd go to the grocery store and it's like, what used to cost like a hundred dollars in groceries now costs me like 1, 70. It's up quite a bit. Which I guess in one way, it's like, you got to be a little more careful. Okay. Do we really need these? Do we really need this, when you go to the grocery store? Because now that bill can get really jacked up. But I don't think we're going to see that change. I think raw goods and the price of goods coming in and the demand is there, and we're going to definitely... Cost of goods, and that's going to happen on Amazon too. We're going to see a lot of these people who are selling are going to have to raise their prices to cover some of those extra costs of not only the shipping costs going up, the raw goods and the material going up. We're going to definitely see that, so-

Ryan: Yeah. It's not for lack of really... I said this yesterday. We're not missing trees or anything like that. It's just the fact that we've gone from luxury now to necessity. All these things that people... Even today the data was, I think Q1, it was a super big spike in terms of profitability for sellers on Amazon, Amazon in general, just e- commerce in general. We saw this big spike in these past four consecutive quarters. We've gone from this threshold of luxury where$ I can pay 120,$ 150 for Prime. That was a luxury. Now it's a necessity. How can they get grocery same day? How can I get any sort of service, same day? How can I get my doctor's appointments same day? All online, not just in person. So all those things have shifted from luxury to necessity. And now even business, we're all working from home now, or people might just not go back to in- person. All of this stuff is shifting, which is super fascinating to keep an eye on if you're an industry or selling a good, what's going to be that necessity. And again, because there's so much more online, raw goods, like you said, the price is going to go up and demand is there. There's less supply, more demand. That's the natural consequence of business.

Rob Stanley: Yeah, no, absolutely. And what I forgot to say congratulations by the way on the hundredth episode.

Ryan: Thanks man.

Rob Stanley: That's awesome. Super awesome. It was so cool being your first guest and then your last guest on the hundredth episode. And then of course we'll arrange something for me to maybe get on next month or whenever you have your next opening. I know Ryan's like me. The schedules for podcasts fill up quickly, but yeah. Be sure everybody tune in with Ryan and there's lots of stuff going on, coming up next month. And then we got Prosper coming up and I know Ryan's going to try to be at things. I'm going to be at a ton of different events coming up. So-

Ryan: Signing autographs and everything.

Rob Stanley: Oh yeah, yeah, yeah. Not this time.

Ryan: No, exactly. Well, and that's the thing. It's like this evolution of no one really knows what's going to happen. There's so many different pieces in the cog that's coming up. Opportunity, ability to disseminate information, it's always constantly changing. So that's why this show exists. That's why your shows exist in the past. And services... Like you said, everyone who has been on the show just today has been so supportive. And like different adventures because... I call myself, I was a nobody. I was no face of a business before this, but slowly becoming in tune with other people and what they're doing. And what we do really well at PingPong is we all have to talk to each other naturally on how can we partner in that? And I think that's what this show cultivates. But like a hundred episodes means that now I get syndicated, which means now I get all these big royalties and stuff like that. I'm just kidding.

Rob Stanley: Yeah. Good luck with that.

Ryan: I tell this joke all the time. I get zero laughs from my superiors on this. So hopefully if I put it out there on the internet and it exists like this, they'll know I'm serious. But no, it's a lot of fun to talk to people like you and all the guests and everyone that's new in this space. I call this my natural season finale, if you will. Because my first season was 30 episodes and then get a little bit of a following and then time off, and now you get like 70 and you're like," Holy shit, what do I need to do now? When do I need to stop this? All right. 100. Let's go with the triple digits." And so we're back at it next week. We have some awesome content coming out as always. But yeah, we're going to continue to keep our pulse on the e- business industry and Amazon registry. And yeah, got to keep people on that know what they're talking about and wherever we can bring information to people, that's what we want to do. It's my passion to do the show, as you do too. So what's kind of like... Wrapping this up kind of quickly... Anything that you're doing moving forward, that's kind of on the horizons or that you're looking to do?

Rob Stanley: Yeah. Just to keep an eye out. I mean, there's lots always coming up and lots of announcements always around the corner. And you know, Ryan, definitely I want to get back on the show with you as a guest. That will be really fun.

Ryan: Yeah man.

Rob Stanley: And we'll have to set up another time for you to jump back on with me. That's always a good time getting you on. And yeah. Go check out AccrueMe. com obviously, since I'm chief market officer over there. And take a look at our unique funding. It's always different than a lot of the other ones, not to go into a lot of detail, because there's actually a great a video in there that says," Why AccrueMe?" Click on that. There's a great video that tells you kind of what sets us apart from some of the others. And it's a different form of funding versus like your standard funding. So, take a look, head on over to AccrueMe.com. And then Ryan, congratulations again from myself, everybody at AccrueMe. We want to definitely congratulate you on a hundred episodes. And you know, it's definitely an honor for me to be on, and you and I are always tag teaming back and forth on different things. And here's a funny one for you. Just the last quick one. So I did Zoom. Up until recently, I was doing Zoom for my podcast. Up until about six months ago. So when I switched over to AccrueMe, I was like, man, I got to do StreamYard. That's so much better. So Ryan, thank you for helping me understand how to use StreamYard. And then of course I, in return, I was always helping Ryan out with his YouTube channel since I've been doing YouTube for forever, basically. So yeah-

Ryan: Since YouTube was in its infancy.

Rob Stanley: It's totally my claim to fame, right?

Ryan: Yeah.

Rob Stanley: My claim to fame is I posted the very first take apart video of the iPhone back in 2007. The very first iPhone.

Ryan: I heard that. I was like, I hope they give you like a medal or some sort of plaque that they do when you get in to crosstalk.

Rob Stanley: Right, the very first this-

Ryan: The first this. And like that-

Rob Stanley: Oh, that video has millions of views. Millions of views on it. Of course, I don't own that business anymore. So, but you can go look it up on-

Ryan: Still raking in that ad money though.

Rob Stanley: No, no that went with it. When I sold it, that went with it. But yeah, when I did have it, there was some good revenue coming from those videos, for sure. So-

Ryan: Well, that's awesome, man.

Rob Stanley: Well, congratulations again, Ryan.

Ryan: Hey, I appreciate it, man. Yeah, well I'll be in touch soon. Yeah. Congrats for everything you're doing over there and we'll be in touch soon. So thanks for hopping on just here on Friday.

Rob Stanley: All right. Have a good weekend, everyone.

Ryan: Thanks man. Awesome. Again, everyone... I finally made it. I was a little over in terms of five minutes over my two hour frame, but I think it was important to make sure everyone had time to be able to speak and bring their insights on the space. I want to thank everyone who hopped on the show today, all ten of my guests. inaudible called it my 100th episode, my 10 by 10 episode of... 10 by 10, 10 times 10. Maths nerds out there, if you are, give me a thumbs up. Anyways, yeah, I want to thank everyone again, Emma, Sharon, Jana, Troy, Anthony, Mina, Melissa, Sajag, Destaney, and of course Rob for hopping on today and giving some more insight in the Amazon and e- business space. Again, like the teaser episode shows, I am super passionate and excited about where this business continues to go and evolve. What we do here at PingPong is very specific and unique niche in helping people save money, time and effort and growing the business internationally, whether they're sending money or receiving money in different currencies, it is very, very hard to navigate that. But in order to have a company that can help facilitate and save money and put it towards the bottom line, we've helped millions upon millions of sellers grow their businesses online just by that simple fact and nature. So I personally want to take a little bit of time to say thank you to PingPong Payments for supporting me in this endeavor and really just saying yes to everything that I want to do on this show and continuing to hopefully continue move forward with the show in all of its capacities and unique nature that I bring to the show. So thank you so much for that and allowing me to have creative freedom with this. I want to thank all my guests who have been on past shows. Again, this is just a small snippet. If you took every show... Roughly about an hour or so as the average of what we do for Crossover Commerce. If you take that and apply it to every day and you listen to one episode a day, I'm going to fill a lot of content for your ear that's always going to be changing and new and I promise you if you're watching this, you will learn something different each and every single time that you hop on. I just kind of wanted to wrap up the show and say this is not something that I joined the company to do. This was something that I was passionate and it kind of devolved into something from nothing. I got this push and I talked about it a little bit here and there on various different shows and episodes, but I am super thankful for my team that's pushed me and said," Yeah, I think that would be a cool idea." Again, PingPong I already gave a shout out to, my marketing team that supported me throughout this whole entire journey, Robert, Charles and Jamie, and again, our new marketing officer, Tommy for telling me to continue to run, just sprint forward, and don't take any breaks or stops. I think a lot of people have told me that it is really hard to do this consistently for as long as 100 episodes inevitably does. We don't do multiple episodes in a day. I've only done that once. And that was a big week for us. Six episodes is the most I've done in one week. But not to pat myself on the back. But to say that if you have a podcast or you have content that you're putting out there as consistent as we are here, continue to move forward. Find different ways to get inspired. Continue to ask questions to different people in the space, whether you're in e- commerce or you're watching this on Facebook and you're connected with me or friends or family or whatever that might be or listening to this, continue to run forward and find what moves you. And continue to keep asking questions, because that will bring more content, allow you to ask more questions and wonder why something, because if this is your first time on the show, you've probably heard it, I ask lots of different questions. I want to understand to the best of my capability so that we're helping you the listener right now, no matter where you're at in the world. That's not what the show is focused on. We want to make sure that everyone's going to benefit from this, not just a specific country region, a culture. Everyone's going to benefit from this. That's my hope and my dream. Also would be remiss if I didn't give a thank you to my wife and my son, who listened to multiple shows... And my dog, she constantly comes and goes out of my office. Working from home full time, doing this it is very difficult to juggle family life and home life and professional life, I should say. But I want to thank them specifically for supporting me. I might be asking a bunch of different questions like," Oh, that was a great inaudible or that one sucked," or whatever. My wife specifically will always be there to listen and hear me vent, or just ask questions, been super supportive. So thank you, honey for that. Now she rolls her eyes anytime I would say... When she asks what's going on today, she can almost answer it and say, you have another podcast, when's your podcast today. So I want to thank her for being supportive and always let me do this depending on what time of day it is, it can be in the morning or if people are on the other side of the world, it's late at night. So I want to thank her for letting me do this as well. My six- year- old, who has been super quiet this whole time. So I'm a little worried about that. So hopefully he's not causing mischief, but he's been really great. I do this to show him that anything's possible and want to be a good role model for him. I think that's why a lot of us in the industry do this is to inspire someone out there, whether it's other people in the space or just our young ones if we have them, to do that as well. So thank you, Hillary and thank you, Billy and thank you my dog, Paris, for not barking often when I'm live on camera. Other couple of cool facts, I've only been rescheduled... Because this is a live show, we've only been rescheduled on twice. So I'm really excited to continue to, knock on wood, that be the case. I've had a very great collection of multiple different countries in the world. I wish I can say all of them, but I've had everyone from Scotland to England, to Bali, to Australia, to everywhere in the United States, South America, Mexico, multiple countries in the world that tune in and will share their knowledge and insights as well. So hopefully we'll continue with breaking records and getting people from all of the world to give the insights in their thoughts on Amazon and e- business because that's inaudible. I see the possibilities on Amazon and e- commerce moving forward. I think you guys do too, otherwise, you wouldn't tune in. But I appreciate everyone who either tunes in for five minutes or they tune in for five hours, which would ultimately... This feels like today it's just been nonstop, but I wouldn't do it if I wasn't passionate about it. So thank you for this journey so far. I'm really excited to see the following seasons and what's in the future for the show myself as a guest. But again, I wouldn't be doing this if people didn't listen and people do. It's a case in point today. If you're watching on social media or if you subscribe to our channels, please do so. Because again, this content it's important to me to understand Amazon and e- business. And I think it's important for PingPong and our customers to also understand all these different ways that we can bring value as a company to you the Amazon e- business seller. So everyone thank you for tuning in today on Crossover Commerce. If you have questions, definitely reach out to me on social media and Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, all the social media channels, Clubhouse, even, I'm on Clubhouse. Make sure you follow us and PingPong on social media. Ask a question, give me your thoughts. I would love to hear your insights on this episode. Feel free to email me. It's all in the show notes below. You can definitely reach out if you have a question or thoughts or insights or even you think that there would be a good opportunity for a guest, definitely let us know as well. That being said, I'm just going to go ahead and wrap up this episode of Crossover Commerce. Again, I'm going to probably end this with the teaser video that we've been doing this week specifically for the show. But that being said, I want to thank you all for tuning into Crossover Commerce. Hopefully this is just... 100 is just a number. I wanted to make it a little bit more special today to kind of... A Friday, it's a little more relaxed. I understand people are taking it easy in the business or they're working really hard or they're even asleep. So I understand, I just want to make this one kind of a cool different one than what's typical, but I'm back at it next week. You don't want to miss out on any of the episodes. Again, season three of Crossover Commerce coming at you live again next week on the social media channels. Make sure you tune in, subscribe to our channels as well. But I'm going to leave everyone with this video quickly of this show from 1 to 99. Take a look at this. What's up, everyone? I guess we are live right now because it's blinking at me. It's live. What's up, everyone? What's up, everyone? Episode 32. Episode 46. Episode 76. Welcome to episode 80, 8 0 of Crossover Commerce presented by PingPong Payments. Thank you everyone for again, tuning into Crossover Commerce. This is my show. I go live four to five times per week. It's a lot of content, but it's my passion to bring you the best and greatest minds in the Amazon and e- commerce space. I only do this for you, the Amazon and e- business community. So my job is really easy in that regards. If you can catch from that, this is Crossover Commerce. I'm Ryan Cramer, host of this awesome, beautiful show. I'm super excited to see what the next episodes look like. Thanks for tuning in on the special 100th episode of Crossover Commerce. Take care, everyone. Be safe and we'll catch you next time.


SEASON 2 FINALE - Ryan Cramer of Crossover Commerce talks with 10 Amazon experts (and former guests) about 10 tips & insights they have for sellers for the remainder of 2021.

Guests of Crossover Commerce Episode 100 include:

👉 Emma Schermer Tamir of Marketing by Emma

👉 Sharon Even of Amazon FBA Alphas 

👉 Jana Krekic of YLT Translations

👉 Troy Johnston of Seller.Tools

👉 Anthony Cofrancesco of PickFu

👉 Mina Elias of MMA Nutrition

👉 Melissa Simonson of Empowery

👉 Sajag Agarwal of Movley

👉 Destaney Wishon of BetterAMS

👉 Rob Stanley of AccrueMe 


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Destaney Wishon

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Jana Krekic

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Melissa Simonson

|Governing Board at Empowery
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Troy Johnston

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Anthony Cofrancesco

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Mina Elias

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