The future for The Ecom Cooperative⎜ The Ecom Cooperative ⎜ EP 196

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This is a podcast episode titled, The future for The Ecom Cooperative⎜ The Ecom Cooperative ⎜ EP 196. The summary for this episode is: <p>Ryan Cramer of Crossover Commerce talks with David Dayon &amp; Frank Acosta of the Ecom Cooperative as they discuss the future of the organization in 2022.</p><p>---</p><p>Crossover Commerce is presented by PingPong Payments. PingPong transfers more than 150 million dollars a day for eCommerce sellers just like you. Helping over 1 million customers now, PingPong has processed over 90 BILLION dollars in cross-border payments. Save with a PingPong account <a href="" rel="noopener noreferrer" target="_blank">today</a>! </p><p>---</p><p><strong>Stay connected with Crossover Commerce and PingPong Payments:</strong></p><p>✅ Crossover Commerce @ <a href="" rel="noopener noreferrer" target="_blank"></a></p><p>✅ YouTube @ <a href="" rel="noopener noreferrer" target="_blank"></a></p><p>✅ LinkedIn @ <a href="" rel="noopener noreferrer" target="_blank"></a></p><p>---</p><p>You can watch or listen to all episodes of Crossover Commerce at: <a href="" rel="noopener noreferrer" target="_blank"></a></p>

Ryan Cramer: What's up everyone. Welcome to my corner of the internet. I'm your host, Ryan Cramer, and this is Crossover Commerce, presented by PingPong Payments, the leading global payments provider, helping sellers keep more of their hard earned money. Hey, everyone. Welcome back to another episode of Crossover Commerce. I'm your host, Ryan Cramer, and this as the intro stated, is my corner of the internet where I bring the best and brightest in the Amazon and e- commerce space. Before we get started, as you may or may not know, this podcast is presented by PingPong Payments. Who's PingPong Payments? Well, we are a cross- border payments solution helping you save more time, money, and effort. When it comes to paying out your suppliers, manufacturers, your distributors, your VAs, any sort of international entity in localized currency, check out PingPong Payments. It's free to sign up. It's easy to do, and you're going to guarantee to save money from what you are currently doing. Don't pay ridiculous fees through banks or any other service provider out there. Make sure you know where your money is going, and that could be done safely, securely, and effectively with PingPong Payments. Again, it's free to sign up. And if you go and check out usa. pingpongx. com/ podcast, you're going to be able to check out all of our past 195 episodes, including today's, as well as signing up for free an account today. Go ahead and sign up for free. It's going to help you save time, money, and effort going into 2022, of course, and moving forward in making your business more profitable and efficient. Check it out. But speaking of efficiencies and going to save time, money, and effort, I wanted to go ahead and get kicked off because we're going to condense today's episode just a little bit, not a traditional hour long episode. We're going to make sure we just get a lot of heavy hitters, if you will. If you saw my tease, I call them the dynamic duo, the notorious two. I don't know. I haven't come up with a good nickname for both of them yet, but we wanted to bring back on both friends of the show as I always call them. If they've been on before, they are considered a friend of the show in my corner of the internet. But both representing The Ecom Co- op today. We're going to be talking about the future of what 2022 holds for a brand new cooperative that just started in the past, I'm going to say year or so, just maybe over a year that they've been going. I said they, we've been going. But there are some of the brains behind one of the most talked about cooperatives in the Amazon e- commerce space, that is The Ecom Cooperative. So wanted to bring on Dave Dayon and Frank Acosta of Ecom Co- op. Gentlemen, welcome back to Crossover Commerce.

David Dayon: How are you doing, Ryan? Thank you for having us.

Ryan Cramer: I'm doing well, thanks.

Frank Acosta: How are you, man? Thank you.

Ryan Cramer: I'm doing well on a Monday. Gosh, what's the date? The 13th? My God. December's going quickly. It's cruising through. How are you gentlemen holding up in this holiday season? Hanukkah's over, Christmas is coming. There're so many different festivities going on. How are you gentlemen holding up?

David Dayon: Awesome.

Frank Acosta: Yeah. Can't complain, man. I'm trying to end the year strong, man and I'm excited for the new year. But before anything, Ryan, I want to thank you, man. I want to thank you for having us here, and most importantly, for the support that you've had for The Ecom Cooperative since day one. We really appreciate you, man. You were swinging with us and you believed in it when we were starting. Thanks, man. Thanks. You're part of this and I'm looking forward to growing together.

David Dayon: I believe PingPong was the sixth company to join, either the fifth or the sixth. I think it was the fifth actually. Either way, regardless, very early on-

Frank Acosta: Very early on.

David Dayon: ...the four founding companies were the first four. crosstalk.

Ryan Cramer: I was going to say yes.

David Dayon: It was lucky number seven. My bad. I'm sorry.

Ryan Cramer: It's okay. Well, every business out there or people who I partner with know of PingPong or I just save myself. I look for innovation and you guys have this really cool idea that I always gravitate towards. But you guys have been busy since the path. Gosh, when I look back when we had you both on separately on this podcast, this was season one and now we're almost to 200 next... We're going to push it to next, we're going to do...

David Dayon: I want to talk about that for a second, Ryan, because I think I was like episode 30s. I want to say maybe it was 130. I just remember 30. But I think it was a while ago. So probably in the 30s or something like that. I think you just mentioned you brushed over it 196. This is episode 196.

Frank Acosta: Crazy. We're four away.

Ryan Cramer: Yeah. It's a muscle. I like to work out.

David Dayon: We're four away from hitting 200. And you started this, I want to say about two years ago as well. A year and a half, something like that.

Ryan Cramer: I'm going to say it really got consistent September of 2019. So just about 16 months ago or so. Roughly that, but it's going to-

Frank Acosta: Talk about hustle, David. We're always talking about that, right?

David Dayon: We got 25 episodes in and I was like, yeah. You're 10Xing us over here.

Frank Acosta: That's true.

Ryan Cramer: That's what I like to do.

David Dayon: That's pretty cool.

Ryan Cramer: Well, some of us have some time in our hands. You guys have a little more right things to do than just podcasts every day. But it is something that bring joy in, but it's the education and the form that I like to provide for people. But yeah, we're going to do 200 on the 20th, is what I'm shooting for.

Frank Acosta: Wow. Wow.

Ryan Cramer: I'm playing more a lot with 20s, whether it be 20 guests on the 20th. I did 10 guests on my a hundreds so 20 might be a lot, but I might try to squeeze much of different guests. So I'll be on the lookout for cameos and things like that. Yeah, the craziness, it's just all graphic. We're going to have a holiday edition, so it'll be a lot of fun. It'll be pretty jolly. But yeah, gentlemen. So we're on a Monday, we want to keep it light and fresh. The Ecom Co-op, since we've talked about it last time, I know I've been on your guys' show. You guys have launched a new podcast, which again, congratulations by the way. New York Hustle Radio, we want to make sure that's a crosstalk. But you guys have been busy with The Ecom Co- op. Tell us what's been going on and what 2020 was like. Let's just recap. What was 2021 like for you?

David Dayon: Well, Frank, I'm going to talk about 2022. So why don't you give the recap on 2021 while I drink from my Yeti PingPong.

Frank Acosta: Yeah, sure.

Ryan Cramer: David knows how to pander to the audience. It's all good.

Frank Acosta: All right. Note that. Look, this year was crazy. Nothing we could have imagined. I remember this on early on conversations, we were like, listen, we're going to have a different networking environment. We're going to create a community. This became a lot bigger than any of us thought it would be. This became a lot bigger than we expected. And the doors that have been opened because of this. Most importantly, I think the crazy ride of just doing something different. I can't even begin to tell you how many people told us not to jump on this. How many people told us," Listen, just stick to your ground. Stick to your business. Don't create this. There's already other cooperatives out there." And we were like,"You know what? We have a vision and we feel like we can accelerate this." We have four founders, or I'll say five, two are from the same company. We're all crazy. We all understand that Ecom has a lot of change. We're all risk takers. I remember I got a call from David and David was like," Hey, Frank." And before I even think he even mentioned the name, I was like, I'm in. Because I already got the vibes that working with David was a thing. I understood that he was a visionary. I knew that the force that was joining together, if we all came in together, we would make something great. And accelerating, things have just been going. Thank God every event to date has been very successful. I want you to know Ryan, especially with me and David, we come from no events. We come from not creating events. All we did know how to do was good dinners. We invited our clients and it turned into a thing. We went from having live events. I'm even starting a little too forward. I think when we created this community, we wanted to give back and we said," You know what? What other way to give back than to give a$ 100,000 in giveaways?" Our passion was just to give. We didn't think of anything growing outside of that. We were just like, let's give back to the community. Let's build a group of leaders. Let's unite them and connect the service providers to the sellers. So we gave away$100, 000 dollars. So many obstacles became in between us creating that, and we were very consistent with it. We reached out to great partners like yourself and everyone was like, you know what? I also want to join the train of giving back. We were able to pull off$ 100,000 in giveaways. I can freely say, I've never seen that been done before. I've seen$ 15,000,$20,000 giveaways, but$100, 000 of real value, that's what sparked The Ecom Cooperative. We didn't come in asking anybody for anything. We didn't come in with an event. We legit started this by giving back. I think that's what put a footprint in this community for us. That's what made us stand out. And since we were able to do that, we said, you know what? Now let's start creating events right now. We did the phase of giving, now let's see how we can turn this and evolve this into something bigger. Our vision has always been, and I can say this freely, Ryan, when we first started this, we weren't so much like, oh, how can we make money for this event? How can we do this? We were strictly like, we want to create a different environment. We want to create something fun. We went from events to dinners. We're legit talking about our third dinner already. Time is flying. Time is crazy. We took a risk and we kept pushing forward through every obstacle and it's become his own thing. So that's a recap of what happened last year. And like I said in the beginning, The Ecom Cooperative is a lot bigger than we ever imagined. Is a lot bigger than what we expected. Every day that me and David would talk about this, because we talked daily, well, it was like, wow, man, how far The Ecom has come. From just a cool idea to creating a logo, to creating a whole community around it. We just stuck to it and thank God we were favored and we're here, man. We're talking about 2022 now.

David Dayon: I want to just go back and mention one thing that Frank said. When this started, we started with four founding companies, five partners, five founding members. I'll just shout them all out. It was Yoni from GETIDA. GETIDA is in your soup if you didn't know that. AZSellerKit we had Jason Hanan and Lenny Ash. Frank Acosta from Creative Percent, best videos in the e- commerce industry. And then we had myself as well, myself from AmazonXperts. Those are the four companies that started the cooperative. We were content with four companies,$ 10,000 in giveaway. That's what it started as. We were happy. We thought that would be a great thing to do. We were all in. Some of us were less I guess. Let's just try it. What do we have to lose? And we just started it. And then little by little, the friends who we had in the industry heard about it or were invited to it. The four became eight. The eight became 10. The 10 became 20. We ended up launching this thing on May 5th with over 40 partners, over 40 different service providers, solution providers with over$ 100,000 in services given away. Again, we were content with$ 10,000. Content with$ 20,000. Content with$50, 000,$75,000, and then we were ecstatic at a hundred and above a hundred. I think it showed that this was needed community. Even though there are other communities, there needed to be something that was out of the box a little bit different than some of the other cooperatives out there. We did that and it was amazing. Right when we finished, we said, hey, we have a great idea here, but that's all it was, an idea. We knew that we had to hit the ground running on building this community and this organization. A lot of what we've done from May 5th until today is prepare for what we're going to be doing for the next year. So it's very exciting. There's so much that we might not be able to talk about. There's definitely a lot we can talk about. Frank, before you ask, you cannot disclose any information about Sellers Dinner 3.

Frank Acosta: No, absolutely. I was saying as in the conversations. I remember when we left Sellers Dinner 1, me and David were just walking out the door. We didn't even leave the restaurant. We looked at each other and we knew that Sellers Dinner 2 was a thing. And yeah, of course, we're in conversations with Sellers Dinner through this, is all we can say. But just be tuned because I'm going to say a little thing that probably David won't want me to say, but there's going to be the craziest one yet. I'll leave it at that. Just stay tuned and more information to come soon.

Ryan Cramer: Right. Just want to give a quick shout out to Lisa Kinskey over at Noviland. I see her and Kremikic can oftenly go into the high note with you all stars. Morning, gents. Morning to you, Lisa. Thanks for hopping on and-

David Dayon: crosstalk podcast also.

Frank Acosta: Lovely crosstalk.

David Dayon: ...that show, you got to start watching.

Ryan Cramer: Well, I think I saw where our friends were was somewhere tropical and it looked awfully nice. So Lisa, if you're watching, not from somewhere tropical, we need to have a talk that your co- host is abandoning you somewhere warm instead of Atlanta, well, Atlanta's warm right now I'm assuming. But we need to find out where our friends were. I'm sure he's taken a much needed break, but I saw he was somewhere tropical, which sounds nice this time of year. Shout out to your length of leaders and the team over in Noviland. You guys have been doing, there's giveaways that kicked it all off, doing events. Again, the dinners. We're already at, you said Sellers Dinner 3, but we're also doing just education as well. I kind of want to get to that too. The vision that you gentlemen had, you knew it was going to be more than this giveaway. How has it evolved and how has it surprised you in that regards of how it is now in today's era?

David Dayon: The mission is to give Amazon sellers and e- commerce solution providers the ability to connect, grow and learn something new, like you just mentioned. Content is definitely a big piece of what we're trying to bring as far as value. Like I said, when we finished the giveaway May 5th, 2021, we had all these partners, but we didn't have an understanding of what this community would look like. So we started to ask our partners what they want out of the cooperative. We started to create these things. One of the things that we launched was The Ecom help center. The Ecom help center is pretty much self- explanatory. You come and you ask for advice or help. There's an email address info at The Ecom Cooperative, sorry, help at The Ecom Cooperative. Sorry. You basically email them and say any question you have. If you're looking for a service, if you're looking for a video, whatever you need. Anything you have a question, you reach out, and then we will funnel that question to whichever one of our partners best fits the bill. If for some reason we can't help, we'll let you know that too. But that's just the first thing. It was easy. It was a good idea. We rolled it out and it's something that's running. Another thing I want to mention is the knowledge center. The knowledge center, not to say that it hasn't been done before, but I feel that there's just so much content out there, specifically in the e- commerce world and in the Amazon world. There's an abundance of content, and somehow nobody collected it and curated it all into one place. Again, maybe one or two people did it, but we want to do it a little bit different. The bottom line is that we want to have a library where Amazon sellers could come, search by topic and find a whole list of articles and information that can help them grow their business. The next best thing we have to that is Amazon Seller University and that just doesn't work. So we're trying to curate all this content. It's something that already started. It's very exciting and definitely something that we felt was going to bring value to both the sellers, as well as our partners. And then the other piece was the events. We mentioned the in- person events, we didn't mention the webinars. We have a webinar series that we started called Sellermania. Everything we do in the cooperative, the definition of what we're doing is it has to be different. If it's been done before, at the very least, we want to put a little twist on it, but we want to do things out of the box. Things a little bit different. Things that have not been done before. I guess the whole premise of this Sellermania event was there's a lot of webinar fatigue out there. We wanted to make something fun. We wanted to make something light. We figured we'd have the first event, which was hosted by Tim Jordan and Liz Downing. We had a whole bunch of amazing panelists. We had Liran Hirschkorn give a keynote speech. It was great. It was a lot of fun. We gave away a couple of thousand dollars and free services, of course, just to keep it interesting to the audience members. And then when we had the second Sellermania, we did the same thing. We had a few more speakers. Some more diverse content that worked very nicely. And again, we gave away over$ 10,000 in free services. So this next Sellermania event, which we're going to have the wonderful Ryan Cramer as one of our expert panelists. Ryan, remind me again what your topic is.

Ryan Cramer: Yeah. I'm actually pulling up the graphic here. Let me see if I can upload it real quickly. It's going to be how inflation is impacting your bottom line, presented by me on December 21st at 1:00 PM, Eastern. Do you like that voiceover?

Frank Acosta: Yeah, I love it. On the spot.

Ryan Cramer: This is what happens when you do as many. I know where assets are and I can pull them out.

Frank Acosta: David missed a few things as well, just because Ecom keeps growing. We also created a spotlight series where we wanted to spotlight the vendors. One of the things when we were creating The Ecom Cooperative was because all of us in business, at one point, I'm pretty sure we all experienced this, where somebody comes to you, especially in my world it just happens to be that way, where like," Hey, Frank, we're looking to rebrand a brand that we just rebranded a couple of months ago because it didn't work out." We want to bridge that gap where people are going to the people that are delivering at a high level. We all know that when you join any business, even in the e- comm space, hiring the wrong person is very costly at the end. Going to cheaper is also more expensive at the end. When we created this, it doesn't mean necessarily if somebody comes for video, you have to go to Frank Acosta, but here are four options of the best service providers in that industry. We're making sure that whoever you come to will provide the service. That you are in good hands. That you are dealing with the right people. Because we all know how much money can be blown when you hire the wrong person for whatever reason. So we made sure that every service provider was vetted. We made sure that we did some type of background. And seeing what their customers experienced before, we allow them to come to The Ecom Cooperative. It's something that David, from the beginning, he held that very strongly. I could tell you, it's a crazy amount of people that are reaching out to us. And we're like, right, it's a slower process to join, just because we want to vet everyone and make sure that there's good people in the table. We want to take care of the sellers. We want to make sure that nobody gets burned. You hire somebody here is because it is a good source for you to hire.

Ryan Cramer: Absolutely. Well, in the past, I would say now, more so than ever, it's easier for a lot of people to sniff out bad actors or just companies that are not always there to give back. But all three of us on this panel, or I would say panel this round table if you will, have said is you just kind of know people and you want to work with intelligent people that are going to treat you right. Well, if they don't know what they're talking about, then they're going to point you in the right direction. I think that's people being vulnerable, and that's how partnerships in general work. If they don't know they're going to ask and if they don't know they're going to find out for themselves if it's not that. I think that's what's also interesting value too. So yeah, I was going to say, what's the growth, maybe taking that into 2022, for moving forward? Is that something on the dock, David, for just growth in general for numbers or is there a metric you guys might hit?

David Dayon: As far as our plans, we have a whole lot in the works. Some of which I mentioned to you backstage, which I'm not finished talking about. There's going to be a whole lot more events. Anything we've done, it's been done with the hopes of collaboration happening. Obviously the cooperative is aiming to be looked at as a trustworthy group of e- commerce solutions. That's something we're aiming to earn over time. But everything we're doing is collaborative. It's aimed at getting our partners on spotlight, and of course at gaining more trust in the community and growing that trust. The future looks like a lot more of what we've been doing with a whole lot new types of ways to bring value and leads and spotlight to our partners, as well as value to the seller community. We have these dinners, sellers come for free. Are very generous sponsors. Always pay the bills so that the sellers can enjoy themselves. So that they can get an audience with them in a intimate environment where they can talk. It's not like a trade show where you might have a quick conversation and the guy's on to the next. It's more, oh, I'm having a meal with you and we're going to be hanging out, drinking and eating the whole night, so might as well get to know each other and might as well see if there's somewhere we could bring each other value. It's just a different way to interact and network. And again, that's all we were going for. We wanted to have an event. There're so many events out there. What could we do that was different? And that's how the whole dinner thing started. Me and Frank were doing a lot of dinners. I think I tallied it up Frank, we did over 60 dinners this year so far. Just pretty crazy.

Frank Acosta: I want to give a public shout out. If you want David to wear your shirt in your podcast, send it to him. That's the new thing now.

David Dayon: Oh yeah. Frank, where's your merch, bro? Where's your merch? I'm representing PingPong over here.

Frank Acosta: I haven't been given merch, man. I'm going to go and cry out.

Ryan Cramer: Me neither. I was telling David, I have maybe one or two t- shirts and I work at the company's... I'm in Marketing.

David Dayon: All right. I won and I got it.

Frank Acosta: This was David's new thing, man. We were in a podcast with Thrasio and he just, like that Superman wave where he just opens up-

David Dayon: Wait a minute. It was only Thrasio and PingPong though. They're in a group just by themselves. crosstalk I've ever won, all right?

Ryan Cramer: I was going to say some of us raised a billion dollars in certain grounds. Other of us are facilitating such large transaction. We're in our own stratosphere. Shout out to Thrasio, again, friends of the show. I've had numerous people from Thrasio. Fantastic people. In the last couple of months I have with you, gentlemen, what's your favorite thing thus far for the organization that you've done? Is there a success that's been able to, like a situation where you put two people in a room or next to each other and they've developed partnership or business, or been able to save money? What's kind of the success stories?

David Dayon: I'm very proud of some of the things that have happened on that note. I'm not sure we could talk about all of them, but there has been partnerships that have been made from The Ecom Cooperative, two providers who now work together on multiple occasions. And then there's also been those giveaways we've done. Sellers who matched up with providers and stuck with them, which is what we wanted as well. That was the best out outcome we could have hoped for. So, yeah, as far as the coming year, we have a whole lot more of this value to Amazon sellers, hopefully value in many different ways to our partners. Ultimately, all we want is the right people involved in this thing. That's all we're looking for. We want to build this, continue to build it. I think that we all see how big this can be when you have not just one company or two or five, you have a whole bunch of good people, good companies, all working towards a collective goal. It's special. It's something unique. Something that you cannot accomplish with just one company. However big you want be, it's only something that can be accomplished with what we have. It's amazing and it's great. I don't think I'm answering your question.

Frank Acosta: I'll help you a little bit. Deals have been closed for sure. We can't discuss some of the internal stuff. That's a fact. It's going down. But I think most importantly, we're building a community where we're all starting to see each other more than ever. It's like becoming a family where it's like you go to these events and it's like, well, here's David or here's Yoni. It's like we're becoming this group where you feel like you know the person a lot more. It's definitely connected people in a way. In a business environment, one thing is you're sharing a stake with them. Outside of business, you have personal conversations and we're really building a real community, man. A real community that loves e- commerce. That's willing to help. When you have unity, a lot of great things can happen. In an example, I can't speak too much, but we have aggregators that are becoming close now. We have people that are in the same industry wanting to collaborate more. That's the one thing I love about The Ecom Cooperative, is that we bring a lot of people that could have been divided before. Now they're not only competing with each other, but they're sitting down and having a stake together. I think that alone is crazy impressive. I'm excited for 2022, man. I know we got some crazy things going on and you'll definitely see a lot more than you saw the past year to the point where I can say, but we're excited. We're excited and love to have PingPong invited and being a part of this, man. You're a part of this as well. We're very appreciative to the supporters. Like I can say, to appease, this is yours as well.

Ryan Cramer: Absolutely. Well, speaking of support, and I know you were talking about the founders earlier, I just have another sneak person who just have been backstage. I just want to bring him on real quick, Jason Hanan of AZSellerKit. Look at that. Jason making a guest appearance on the podcast. Jason, how's it going?

Jason Hanan: Great. Been here before. I think it was episode 39 crosstalk.

Ryan Cramer: Really? I was going to say I had all the founders on, I swear, in the first 40 episodes. And then it's just been since then, we need to get the band back together. Yeah, I know. We almost have the godfathers at hand, of the cooperative here. So Jason, how's it been going since we last talked?

Jason Hanan: Yeah, I've been going great. You've been rocking out since then you guys. What are you up to now? What episode is this?

Ryan Cramer: 196.

Jason Hanan: That's crazy.

Ryan Cramer: We're in 200 next week. Yeah, 200 next week. It was going to be Friday. Oh, there.

Frank Acosta: There's absolutely no way if you're not ending the year...

Lenny Ash: Hey, what's up guys?

Ryan Cramer: Hey Lenny. Lenny, how are you?

Frank Acosta: crosstalk, man. I love it.

Ryan Cramer: I was going to say we're missing one founder, but I know Yoni. Yoni is going to make a pear some way shaper for me.

David Dayon: No, no. Yoni was supposed to join. I think he's a little under the weather today. He was definitely going to be here.

Lenny Ash: Nice t- shirt Dave.

David Dayon: Thank you.

Lenny Ash: Yeah, Ryan, well done.

Ryan Cramer: David knows how to pander to a crowd.

Lenny Ash: Good placement, Ryan.

Frank Acosta: That's his new thing.

Ryan Cramer: This is not coordinated. I know Yoni's been traveling. I think he was back in, if I remember correctly, in Florida recently for tech number.

Frank Acosta: True, Yoni's everywhere. GETIDA's everywhere, man. They're all over the place.

Ryan Cramer: I just want to know the receipts. Like how many miles Yoni traveled this past half a year? I will just say half a year because I know he's done a lot of travel. Yoni, if you're listening and you're not feeling well, hopefully you feel better.

David Dayon: With Yoni not here, let's shout out GETIDA just real quick. I have to say we were just at an event with him last week. We all go to events all the time, but GETIDA has a way of standing out in events. I think Yoni stays until he's the last person to leave the event. Me and Frank, we were talking about it and we were saying how it's a very... I don't know if it's a strategy on purpose or he's just an army man and he just wants to keep going. GETIDA usually you go to a trade show, the last booth standing is GETIDA with their couches and their whole thing. Again, I'm not sure if it's on purpose or not, but it's a great tactic. Last man standing. Everyone's forced to see who the last man standing is. Most people are rushing out of there, but not GETIDA.

Frank Acosta: It's the army in him, man. It built him well. I'll tell you this, you want to have a five- hour successful event, Yoni as your host, it will not stop. Legit does not stop.

Ryan Cramer: He knows how to pander to a crowding. He can pull a lot out, I would say. He can pull out a lot of his knowledge and insights too. Jason and Lenny, we talked about the future of the co- op. You guys were part of the founding crew and what? In the last couple of minutes we have for the podcast, what about the cooperative? Are you both excited about moving forward?

Jason Hanan: Lenny, you go first.

Lenny Ash: I'm really excited about where the direction of the co- op is going in terms of in- person networking events. Everyone as an industry, we missed it tremendously during COVID and the lockdowns and all that. And then it ended last year. I think Prosper was the kickoff event to get people back into in- person events. So 2021 since then it was picking up, more events coming. But 2022, you look at what's on the schedule in terms of events, every month, the calendar is so full and a lot of them are really trying to be these larger multi- day events. So I very much like the space that The Ecom Co- op is going in, in terms of our Sellers Dinner type of events, where it's more of an intimate networking environment. There's no speakers. It's just people having dinner together. People hanging out together for the most part in a restaurant. So I'm really looking forward to the up and coming year of what the events that we have kind of already in mind, and what's kind of on tap. I don't know how much you gave away, Dave so I'm not going to say anything.

David Dayon: Nothing was given away.

Ryan Cramer: Nothing on air. Yeah, nothing on air.

Frank Acosta: crosstalk Sellers Dinner 3, let's say.

Lenny Ash: Sellers Dinner 3 is because it's coming up in January I hope, but past that, we're already in plans and in works for four and five and six. It's exciting to be part of something that's really picking up momentum. It's a movement. People are on board with it. From the vendor side to the seller side, people are just on board with collaborating and getting together. Partners, vendors would collaborate, but now sellers collaborate with vendors. Vendors collaborate with vendors. Sellers collaborate with other sellers. It's no longer this parallel. It's like one big circle and everyone's in it. And everyone can help each other. Whether it's referrals or actually providing services or just dropping some tips, you don't need to go pay a consultant to help you with your business now, you just need to network. You have questions, throw it out there. And then all of a sudden you see the magic words are," I need help". That's Jason's line. If you ask people for help, for the most part, you'll get it. So I think these events that we're hosting, are very much building relationships between people, which now you have someone to ask, I need help. You have someone to ask. Whether it's a vendor or another seller, you made a friend. That's what I'm excited for.

Ryan Cramer: Jason. Anything to add onto that?

Jason Hanan: Yeah. I'll give the short version. It's been a rolling stone since we've started. Event number one, there was maybe 40 sellers and 40 vendors and it exponentially grows. So every time we do an event, if it's a Sellermania or if it's a dinner, it just seems to just grow exponentially. It's so cool to watch it actually happen. It's this vision that David had and it's actually happening.

Frank Acosta: We're coming.

Jason Hanan: It's coming. It's happening.

Ryan Cramer: There's a vote for Atlanta. I think David, you posted a poll on LinkedIn. Oh man, I'm going to pull this out. It was Austin, New Jersey. This is off the top of my head. Did you say Boston and Seattle? No, somewhere in California. LA. Right.

Frank Acosta: I'm telling you, we're hitting every city. It might be a long term goal. We're hitting every city. We're going to Alaska, I don't care. I'm going to get the 20 of us in a Eskimo.

Ryan Cramer: Represent. Well, David, yeah, your team you said per capita. I think Delaware was number one per capita in terms of, or somewhere like that, of a post recently you said for sellers. So they're happening in cities and states that are not recognized as much. Alaska could be a gold mind of sellers that just can't get out.

Frank Acosta: Yes, true. Very true.

Ryan Cramer: Well, generally thank you so much for hopping on today. I know I could talk to each of you individually for hours. For more information, I know we already posted a link to the next one that's coming up, was the Sellermania 3. That's the newest and most recent thing that's kind of be coming out too. So we linked out to that. I put my link in there. So look out to all the team there. Make sure we promote heavily for that. But that's happening on the 21st like we said. Anything else, how they should reach out to any of you if they want to either be a part of these events, sponsor, attend, what should they do?

David Dayon: Go to theecomcooperative. com and sign up to our community. On the events page. You'll find Sellers Dinner 3. You can sign up and register there. You'll also find Sellermania. You'll find it in the link that Ryan gave. You can sign up to the webinar. There'll be some free services given away. Overall, just follow any of us on LinkedIn. Follow The Ecom Cooperative on LinkedIn and stay tuned for what's next because 2022 has a whole lot coming.

Frank Acosta: Yeah, crazy.

Ryan Cramer: Nice Ts. Well gentlemen, thank you so much for hopping on and giving us information, but not giving us information. You know how to leave us hanging. With that being said, thank you so much for hopping across over conversation. We appreciate it and we'll be in touch. I'm going to share shortly before even next week when I'm talking with you guys, so thank you so much for hopping on today.

Jason Hanan: Thanks Ryan. Take care.

Ryan Cramer: Thank you. And thanking everyone for hopping on Crossover Commerce today. If you are new to the show, thank you for just coming in and listening to my corner of the internet. Again, this is episode 196 of my podcast called Crossover Commerce. We bring on experts and industry leaders in the Amazon e- commerce space. So if you are new to the show, go ahead and subscribe to our channels on LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter, and ask your questions anytime we go live. But all of our podcasts can be found at usa. pingpongx. com/ podcast or your favorite podcast destination. That being said, I'm Ryan Cramer and this is Crossover Commerce. We'll catch you guys next time on another episode. Take care.


Ryan Cramer of Crossover Commerce talks with David Dayon & Frank Acosta of the Ecom Cooperative as they discuss the future of the organization in 2022.


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